Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why is Bloglines trying to make me nuts?

Because I swear they are.
First they were going to close down at the end of September. I put off dealing with it until the middle of the month, then finally switched all my feeds to Google Reader.
I don't like Google Reader nearly as well.
(Why do I have to tell it to mark the posts as read? Isn't just reading them good enough?)
(And why do they put all blogs whose titles start with "The" under "T"? Suddenly I had to look for "The Panopticon" under the T's, instead of under the P's where it belongs.)
(And I think some of the feeds didn't transfer at all. And with the 200+ blogs I try to follow, it was easy to miss the fact that some of my favorites hadn't come along for the ride.)
Then Bloglines announced that they were extending the deadline through the month of October.
Ditherer Supreme that I am, I had to decide whether to keep reading Google Reader, or use Bloglines for as long as they lasted. Decisions, decisions. I decided that I might as well continue to make the best of it, and stick with Google Reader, since I was going to be stuck with it forever anyway.
Now Bloglines announces that some other company is going to continue the service unchanged. So I've switched back to Bloglines.
But, after several weeks of ignoring them, I'm now almost 2000 posts behind. Some of them I read on Google Reader, but since Bloglines doesn't know that...

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Bullwinkle said...

/snicker ... Dude, when he and I were gainfully employed together, would offer this as proof that you're not supposed to make any changes until the last possible moment.

And he sticks to that, except when a lane is closed for merging. Then he gets into the new lane way too soon and grumbles about everyone passing him in the soon-to-be-closed lane.