Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wooly Weekend

Just got back from here -

the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck), where I had a fabulous time with my daughters.  Wonderful woolinesses!

And apologies for that terrible picture - though the next one is even worse:

RIP my poor old camera.  It had been stuttering along for a while and it looks like it's finally called it quits.
Argh.  Now searching for a replacement...

Sunday, October 13, 2019

October is for Catchups

(Ketchups?  Naw.)

My Goosey Temps quilt is now caught up through the end of September and I've started laying out triangles to get October rolling.  (That's June, July, and August on the right.)

And I've been puttering away with my Sand Castles - trying to get caught up with the pinks and blues that I got behind on.

 A lovely interruption to all this diligence was the Quilter's Guild show that took place last weekend.  My sister-in-law called to see if I'd even heard it was happening (I hadn't) and if I had any plans to go see it (I didn't), so we met up an hour later and headed on up.  (Life is short.  Get in the car and go look at quilts whenever the opportunity is offered.)

I dutifully brought my camera, then dutifully neglected to take many pictures, despite the fact that the show was loaded with gorgeous work.  Here's one of my very favorites, which was one of the first ones I saw going in, before camnesia set in.

Now you may be thinking, "yeah yeah, applique, how nice", but here's another picture that will give you an idea of the scale of this quilt.

The camera is about 6" from the quilt, and my fingers are hovering about 2" above the surface.  Those little grapey dots?  They're about 1/8" in diameter.  And needle-turned.  One at a time by the hundreds.  I wouldn't have even thought it possible.  I still don't even think it's possible and I saw it with my own eyes.

Another quilt I loved was this framed four-patch made with aboriginal fabrics.  The picture doesn't do justice to all the bright happy colors.

And this one caught my eye, with even more four-patches.  (I admit I'm a total sucker for anything four-patchy!)

I almost didn't get that picture, though.  As I was backing up to get more of it into the shot, I kept  watch in my peripheral vision for the quilts behind me, but wasn't thinking about the wooden bases that stuck out near the floor.

Ooops!  As I floundered for balance, I had a sudden vision of causing a domino-style disaster of all those quilt racks...

Luckily, I'm not actually THAT clumsy...

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Seriously, I should know myself better than that...

When I pulled out the Sand Castle bin to put away the purple blocks I made over the weekend, guess what I found?

Yep, right on top.  Why on earth would I have thought orange had slipped past me?

So I made three more purples to finish off the month of September,

and while I was at it, I made another orange one just for luck.

Now to catch up with the blues and pink, and decide what I'm going to be doing for October. (Yikes!  It starts tomorrow!)  I've heard rumors of using dark neutrals, etc, but I'm thinking it might be a good time to throw in some multicolor blocks.  I have a stack of Kaffe fat quarters that are starting to whisper my name...

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Purple Sand Castles finally make a showing

At last, some purple Sand Castles!

(I wish purple was easier to photograph.  Sigh...)

I'd been trying to make a big stack of blocks in colors that I'd fallen behind with over the summer, then realized that September is almost over and I'd better get with the purple.  There are three more purple blocks cut out and waiting in the bullpen, along with a bunch of blues.  (I managed to skip over both the light and the dark shades of blue)  I still need to dig out my oranges and cut some bits for blocks - how could I have let orange slide by?

Earlier this year I'd kitted up a bunch of blocks for Glitter, so I pulled out some of them just to break up the Sand Castles a bit.

They're a bit too fiddly for leaders/enders, but it's amazing what you can accumulate when the pieces are just lying there next to the machine.

They'll go into their bin with the rest of their Glittery siblings.  Good thing I'm not in a hurry for this quilt - it's more of a marathon project than a sprint.  Those y-seams really slow a person down somehow...

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

A summer's worth of geese all aflutter

Here's my design wall, after a concerted effort to do some catching up.

That's a whole summer of geese - May through August - for my temperature quilt, all done up and sassy.  There are even three geese for the first three days of September at upper right.

I've got a tray full of pieces cut out for the missing RSC summer colors,

and I managed to get a few blocks sewn up as far as the lozenge section.  They'll just need their scrappy triangles sewn onto the corners to be ready to join the other blocks in their plastic tub.

But wait - what happens if I pull back a little on that last photo?

What are all those black on white prints doing on my cutting table?

Shhhh...  Don't tell anyone...  I've started another project.

Meet Sand Castles II - in black, white, gray, and red - for my grandson.  (His favorite color scheme)

Because of course I want to make TWO Sand Castle quilts...

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Dusting off the blog

That was an unplanned hiatus.  I spent the summer lost in a combination of grief and inertia.
I lost my dad in early June.  May had been a nightmare month as his health plummeted, with trips to the ER and tests and more tests.   He'd been fighting a long battle against a degenerative muscle disease and it finally won. 
I can't say enough good things about hospice - I literally don't know how we could have gotten through it without them.  So much help and comfort at a time when we really needed it.  Letting go was so hard, and they held our hands through it all.
Getting back into any kind of creative groove took a long time, and it's taken even longer to get to the point where I feel like talking again.
So, here I am, talking again.  Hello.

One thing I did do is get the quilting done on my granddaughter's Storm at Sea quilt, which I've been calling Sea of Tranquility.

(She's holding the other end of the quilt, but I cropped her out of the picture since I didn't ask her for permission to show her face.)
As you can see, I went ahead with my crazy plan to quilt it in a big spiral.  The beginning was a certified pain in the butt, but it was just the kind of simple mindless process that my frazzled self needed.  And I love the effect it gives of ripples moving out from the center, echoing the light to dark transition that I'd worked in the values of the blues and greens.

Big project, big quilt, done.  One positive to put up against the negative.
We just keep going.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Aqua's last hurrah

I only got to spend a couple of hours at the sewing machine this week, what with one thing and another.  Luckily I'd already cut out the pieces I needed for the last aqua Sand Castle for April.

I'm ready for a new color!  Hopefully I'll get a little bit more sewing time soon.

In temperature quilt news, I'm caught up with my April goosies.  Here's a week's worth of flying geese waiting to be joined to the April column at left.

Happily, we had two more days in the seventies so I got to add some more yellow to the turquoises and greens.  Of course, today we hovered in the 30's and 40's, so I'll have to use more blues again.  Oh well.  The tide is turning!

And for those of you who might have been concerned about me, I'm truly not starting a Jack's Chain quilt.

It's a mere coincidence that some nine patches attached themselves to that big hexagon while other nine patches started milling around shouting "Me!  Me next!"
So, not a Jack's Chain at all.  Simply some very confused nine patches.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Still digging for aqua

I found enough aqua to make another Sand Castle

and I even made another Centennial star.

(I keep telling myself I'm done making these star blocks because I probably have plenty, but I keep ignoring myself and making more.)  (It may never end...)  (I may end up with an Extremely Large Quilt.)  (Or two.)

I added the Sand Castle to the design wall where it joined the three other aquas I've made this month.  I've got pieces cut for one more in this color which I plan to get to next week.  At that point I'll sit back and wait for May's color.  (Purple?  Purple would be nice.)  (Or orange.  I like orange)

You can also see my April Goosey Temps column in this picture.  We've still only had one day above 70 degrees, so there's just that one lonely yellow goose.  I'm crossing my fingers that there'll be more warm in the near future!

I'm still plugging along with my demented bits,

though I'm going to have to stop and make some more triangles soon.  That bottomless bag of HSTs is starting to near bottom after all.

Though there's a new distraction.  I've got strips piled next to my machine, just waiting to be assembled into nine-patches.

You know, just in case I ever decide I want to make a Jack's Chain.

Never hurts to be prepared, right?

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Nothing but puttering this week

Putter putter putter.  Luckily I have lots of stuff to putter with.
(I should be trying to get Sea of Tranquility pin-basted, but I seem to be procrastinating there.  I'm looking forward to the quilting part, but the basting is always such a pain in the butt...)

I got one Sand Castle block done in aqua for the RSC.  I've found another scrap of turquoise big enough to make the next block, but I'm going to have to do some serious digging for any others.  Definitely low on aqua/turquiose.

I'm still herding my flying geese in my temperature quilt.  On Monday, yellow made its first appearance as the temp went up to 72 degrees, but it's back to normal now with temps in the 40's to 60's.

I'm looking forward to when yellow is the norm, with orange for the 80's making an occasional appearance.  Hopefully we won't see too much red - that means the temp would be over 90.  Not a fan of weather that hot, I must say.

And with avoidance extra time on my hands, I pulled out the Demented bin and made a few more blocks.

I'm up to 174 - yay!  I only need 256, so I feel like the end is in sight.  It's kind of off in the distance, but it's definitely in sight.

I'll keep assembling the little bits and making bigger bits, until all the blocks are ready to go.

Piece of cake, right?

And I found myself making these the other day.  No reason.  Really.

Just because I've been drooling over Cathy's Jack's Chains quilts is no reason to jump to conclusions.
Really.  A person can just have a sudden urge to make nine-patches.  Out-of-the-blue like.
Perfectly normal.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Out with the green and in with the... um... blue-green

Not a big jump on the color wheel this month - Angela announced aqua for April's RSC color.

Between Sea of Tranquility and On Ringo Lake, my supplies of aqua/blue-green aren't as copious as they could be, but I dug in and found a pretty one.

A little more digging found some aqua dots.  You can never go wrong with dots.

Speaking of wrapping up a month, March's temperature geese are all put together and have been added to the design wall, next to January and February's columns.

And, speaking of never going wrong with dots, I decided to give some thought to dots for the background sashing for this quilt.
Multicolor dots

or black and white dots.

Possibilities, eh?
I think I'll test out some plaids next.
Because you can never go wrong with plaids, either.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Green goes Marching out

What with one thing and another, I didn't get a lick of RSC sewing done last week, but I did a little better this past week.
It helps if I lay out the components next to the sewing machine, ready to grab and run through.

That's a green Sand Castle, along with a green Jacks&Sixes, a green Buckeye Beauty, and another green Sand Castle ready for some four-patches.
Here's the lozenge portion of the first Sand Castle along with the Buckeye,

and here's that Jacks block.

(It's really convenient to cut the squares and triangles for this and the Sand Castles at the same time, since one needs 3 squares and 6 HSTs, and the other needs 5 squares and 6 HSTs.  As long as I've got strips and rulers in hand...)

Two Sand Castles done and done.

And here they are added to the green ones already on the design wall.

I'm ready for a new color!  Hello, April!

 While I'm deciding what new project to start, I pulled out the (sadly neglected) Glitter bin and made a few blocks,

and then a few more.

I added another four blocks to this bunch, but the camera must have eaten the photo because I can't find it.  Only 472 million more blocks to go and I'll have a quilt...

And I've got the back pieced for Sea of Tranquility.  Now to just iron it flat and get ready for the pin-basting.

I'm sure it'll be smooth sailing, right?

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