Saturday, March 27, 2021

Marching to the end of March

 Well March certainly seemed to whoosh by - at least it did for me.  And while we don't have spring flowers yet, I'm hopeful for them soon since all the snow has melted off this week.  Bring on the daffodils!  (I'm so ready for daffodils...)

Since it's the last Saturday in March, here's the wrap-up of green sewing for the RSC.  (I don't plan to make any more green blocks, but I'm not exactly famous for following my plan)

A few Antique Tiles got made,

and then a few more, because it's really hard to stop cutting squares and rectangles for these.

At least when I have parts left over, they can always go in a block in another month down the line.

And Cake Stands continue to bounce onto my ironing board.

Even when I was absolutely sure I'd made enough green ones - here's just one more.

And then I gathered up all the green Chips blocks and got a big surprise.  I had thought I'd made eight or so, maybe nine at the outside.

Imagine my surprise to find that I'd actually made 18!  I've been making them as leader/enders all month and they really added up!

Is everyone tired of looking at Glitter blocks yet?

That was this week's production.  I've been trying to make at least two of them every time I sit down at the sewing machine, and as many more as I can squeeze in.  At least I've got enough experience with them that I no longer tear out my hair while I'm trying to sew all those y-seams.  At this point, I think it's taking me longer to pick out colors for the blocks than it is to sew them together!

I'm somewhere between the halfway point and 2/3s done with these.  I had thought I was further along when I most recently pulled this project out of time out, but either I've misplaced some blocks or I was just being hopelessly optimistic.  Either way, I'm going to try to just keep going and going.

I've got about 20 more blocks all kitted up and stacked by the sewing machine, with one already in progress.  And there are all kinds of glitter bits on my cutting mat, just waiting to be thrown into the mix.

Isn't that the way with any art project - you just end up with Glitter absolutely everywhere?

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

March seems to be full of Glitter

Glitter, glitter, everywhere...

as well as a few odds and ends,

and a couple of cake stands, too!  (And more glitter, because glitter glitter glitter)

It's a little unclear which is a leader/ender for what at this point.  But as long as the blocks keep turning up on my ironing board, I'm rolling with it!

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(In that variety shot, you'll see 3 nine patches for my Jack's Chain, 2 Easy Peasy/Breezy blocks, a couple of green Chips (I've got more which I'll gather for a group pic at the end of the month) and a Jacks block that I made from squares and triangles I had left over from cutting too many Sand Castles 2 blocks)  (Not that I have a lot of ongoing projects or anything)  (I also made a metric butt-ton of four-patches and HSTs but I didn't bother to photograph them)

Saturday, March 13, 2021

How is it the middle of March already?

I haven't been getting a lot of sewing done, but it looks like I'm getting even less writing...

The last two weeks have given me one more yellow cake stand for last month's RSC color (I'd cut it out right at the end of the month but didn't get it assembled until February had expired),

and the first two green ones for March.

(Sharp-eyed observers among you may have noticed that I'm flexible on using the RSC color for the background or for the cake stand itself.  I think this gives me a whole lot more variety in my blocks)

My first green Antique Tile block has a real pickled zucchini vibe going on.

(That green and pink batik in the center is probably supposed to be Queen Anne's Lace, but it sure looks like dill to me...)

I dug through my solid greens and found one that I didn't use last year for a postage stamp block.

Sometimes sewing those little squares together is all peaceful and meditative and relaxing, and sometimes it's more "%&*# I dropped another one!  &%$#@ I sewed two solids together!  *&%^%$"  (I won't tell you which this one was, but I will admit that if my mother was still alive I'd be tasting soap right about now)

And then there's been a veritable Glitter Tornado going on here, with all these blocks practically throwing themselves together.

Things have definitely speeded (sped?) up since I figured out a good sewing/pressing plan.  If only it hadn't taken me 47 blocks to work it out...

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