Sunday, January 3, 2021

New year, new pink

Well, here we are in a brand-spanky-new year and the RSC has us all in the pink!

First cake stand of the year,

and another one all laid out and ready to go for next time.

And here's a moldy oldy -

yet another Jacks 'n Sixes.  I always think I'm done making them, but they're just so easy to cut out and zip together.  One of these days I'll have to pull them all out and count them to see if I have as many as I think I do...

One square-in-square block done,

and peeking in from the edge are these little nines that were inspired by Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek Clue 5.  I never met a nine patch I didn't love, and the orange centers for these are particularly perfect!

And just for grins I made some little sawtooth stars.  I have no particular plan for these, but there I was with fabric on the cutting mat and a rotary cutter in my hand - who can stop?

If all else fails, I can throw them into a table runner because I've rashly joined Joyful's Table Scraps Challenge.    (I figure I can be the Designated Bad Example for not finishing anything.  People will be able to say "well, at least I did better than Poor Gayle" and it will cheer them up)

And then, because I've once again fallen under the influence of the Amazing Cathy, and because I was cutting 3.5" and 2" strips anyway for my cake stands, I found myself with one of these Antique Tiles blocks.

Now I just have to resist the appeal of the other dozen quilts she's making using those size strips...

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Good riddance to 2020

 May 2021 be kinder to us all!

Happy New Year!  (I hope!)

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Last of the RSC2020 posts, plus a little more Grassy Creek

 On Friday, Bonnie Hunter gave us clue #5 for Grassy Creek and I got right to work making little nine patches.  They went together pretty quickly, so next thing I knew I was spreading them out for a glamor shot.

As I marveled over how cute and flower-like they were, I had a sudden thought - wouldn't they be fun in other colors as well?  Keep that orange center and change up the four squares around it.  You know - like an RSC block.  (you can picture the light bulb going flash in my head)

I grabbed the nearest chunk of fabric and started laying them out, just to see how they'd look.

And then I thought - how about as a strippy?

At the point where I started grabbing other fabric chunks to see how varying the setting triangles would look, I reined myself in and put the blocks in the Grassy Creek box before I could get myself into any more trouble.  Even my squirrels are falling down rabbit holes these days.

Part 2 of Clue 5 is a nice stack of flying geese.  I made a few more than the half that I was shooting for, but am totally not worried about it.  Has anyone EVER said "Gee, I wish I didn't have a bunch of extra flying geese blocks laying around"?

Though when I started laying them out to see what else I could do with them, I slapped my hands and put them away.  Two rabbit holes in one day was entirely too much.

I'm still deciding about which blocks to do for RSC2021.  Cake Stands are a definite yes, and those cute little square-in-squares that were dragging me around the other day.  Postage stamp blocks will continue into the new year (PSP20 will roll into PSP21), and I'm thinking of a Single Wedding Ring (aka Georgetown Circle and about eleventy other names) like our friend Cathy has been making over at Squirrel Central.  Though if I'm not extremely careful, Cathy will inspire me into starting eight new projects.  Every single week...

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Grassy clues caught up, plus why I shouldn't visit Cathy's blog unsupervised

First up - I got some cutting and sewing done for Grassy Creek (well, the Half-Grassy Creek that I'm making anyway.)  Here's a stack of clue 4's, plus a couple of clue 3's that haven't been clue4-ed yet.

And into the box they went to await the next clue, which will drop on Saturday.

 So then I got to thinking about a quilt that Cathy showed the other day - one that she's planning to do for RSC next year.  

And then I thought about it some more.  She posts a link to the free pattern, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I could do a smaller block.  Because you know me - the smaller the better.  I love her idea of using black-on-white prints for the corners of the squares, and since I'm working on the borders for Sand Castles 2

my cutting table is literally and liberally littered with black-on-white prints.

So, a test block was in order, right?  I grabbed a 2.5" print square and 2 2.5" b/w squares, sliced the background squares diagonally, and sewed up a sample block.  (Technically that center square should be 2 5/8" rather than 2 1/2", but I can't be bothered to cut a bunch of 2 5/8" squares when I've got a bin full of 2.5" already on hand)

RSC2021 here I come!  I love the little block I ended up with - at 3.5" it will finish at 3" and I can make a gazillion of them before I have to stop.

Speaking of stopping -

it looks like I might have a problem with that.

But I'm absolutely done now with making sample blocks.

Well, almost done.

Mostly done?

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate!  Merry, Happy, Joyous, all!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Bring on clue 4!

 I puddled together a few more Clue #3's for Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek mystery -

and added them to the box with the others.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm just shooting for around half the units each week.  I'll be perfectly happy with a smaller version of the quilt (if possible), and if I change my mind and decide to go for the full size at least I'll already be halfway there.

That's pretty much it for the exciting sewing.  In the meantime, I've also been sewing strings for the borders for Sand Castles 2, which I wish was a little more interesting to do.  Some days I only add a few inches and sometimes I'm patient enough to go a couple of feet.  Slow and steady wins the race and all that.

And just to break it up a little, I've pulled out my plate of HST triangles and am sewing them together a few at a time.  There's a Tree of Paradise and an Ocean Waves somewhere in my future, so I might as well get ready!

Then there's the 4-patches bin which needs to be replenished (two back to back Sand Castles took a toll!) and Easy Peasy and nine-patches for Jack's Chain, all going on in the background.  Seems like these days I'm all putzy all the time.

And where would I be without my diligent little helpers guarding the stash?

I don't know what they're going to do when they're full grown.  I might have to get a bigger bin for my orange scraps...

Saturday, December 12, 2020

What's more fun?

 What's more fun than a kitten in a bin?

Why, two kittens in a bin, of course!

After a certain amount of settling in, they napped in there for a good chunk of the afternoon.

This was unfortunate, since that was my bin of orange scraps, and I need orange strips for Clue 3 of Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek mystery.

Between choosing to let sleeping kitties lay (because non-sleeping kitties try to 'help') and the fact that sewing those triangles together makes my eye twitch (they're quarter-square triangles, not half-squares - what on earth is Bonnie planning?!?), I only got three more sets done.  I added them to what I've gotten sewn so far.

Three weeks in and I have no idea where we're going with this.  Which is half the fun!

And this appeared sometime this afternoon.  I have no idea how.  It's not like I'm making shoofly blocks or anything.

Is there such a thing as an Accidental Shoofly?

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Sunday, December 6, 2020


 Bless his heart, he thinks he's helping...