Saturday, September 12, 2020

Goofing off lately

 After that last huge push to finish the Totally Demented top, I needed some down time.  Mostly I've been cutting squares for postage stamps and for 4-patches (I'm going to need a bunch for Sand Castles 2), but I did manage to stitch up a couple of red cake stands for the RSC.

I've also been putting in some quality time fussy-cutting pieces for my La Passacaglia.  (Still unstarted - I'm just assembling lots of bits and getting ready to start stitching)

I'm planning to hand-stitch La Pas, but there's been a complication.

My stepmom brought home these two young hooligans the other day and they insist that my lap is the only possible place for napping.

Might make stitching a trifle awkward...

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(Our beloved old cat Lynx went out for his usual evening ramble about 6 weeks ago and never came back.  We held our breath for the first week, hoping he'd come sauntering through the door, but as time passed we lost heart.  Since life without a cat is too horrible to contemplate, we've now got these two little kitties diligently training us in the fine art of Kitten Care.)  (And I've got the claw marks to prove it)

Monday, September 7, 2020

My quilt has overpowered my design wall

 I've now got all four quadrants of Totally Demented put together and up on the design wall.

With ...umm of it draped artistically over the design floor.  And also flapping casually in the breeze off to the right.

This puppy is big.

As I finished each quadrant, I hung it up on the wall and tried to ignore the theme from Jaws that was now playing in the back of my head.  And getting louder.

Each quarter of the quilt is 48x48", and it's going to finish up at 96x96".

The thought of trying to wrestle that bulk through the harp of my sewing machine made me realize that I really would be totally demented by the finish.

Also bald.  From ripping my hair out as I cursed into the sky.

I calmed down considerably when it dawned on me that I can just quilt each quad separately and sew them all together afterward.

Aha!  I have a plan!

What could possibly go wrong?

(Shhh!  Don't tell me!)

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Phew! One extra!

I diligently sewed all those blocks together and ended up with one left over!  (Usually if I'm off, it goes the other way for me.)

I turned 256 of those blocks into 64 of these -

and then grouped those blocks by fours  -

and then kept going

and going

until I ran out of design wall when I'd hung up 9 out of the 16 big blocks.

Now I'm sewing those together by fours.

Luckily I only need four of these megablocks.  Almost there!

My RSC blocks came in handy for leader/enders during all that HST madness.

Two cake stands in red -

and a postage stamp block.

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Purple's last hurrah

 Well, here we are at the end of August, which has been purple month for the RSC.

I made another cake stand -

and another postage stamp block for PSP20.

I'll miss you, purple!

And Demented marches on.  This stack has enough blocks to form the second quadrant, which means I'm past the halfway point of this stage.

I kept going and have another stack of blocks growing, but I haven't counted them to see if quadrant three is good to go.

The twosies are really piling up -

and here's what's left of the 256, waiting to be paired up.

Out of curiosity, I counted that little stack and - horrors! - came up with an odd number.

Since I'm sewing them together in pairs, this is Not Good News.


1) I miscounted the blocks.

2) I made 1 too many blocks.

3) Or I made 3 too many blocks.

4) I made 1 too few blocks.

5) Or I made 3 too few.

I'm pretty sure I can throw out  #3 and #5, but the others are entirely possible.

I can go through and count everything again, or I can just leave it as a problem for Future Gayle and carry on sewing.

I'm going with the second option.  

After all, sometimes surprises are good, right?

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rolling along in my own Totally Demented way

 Cue the confetti!  Totally Demented is in the final stretch!

I finally hit my target of 256 blocks for this mammoth of a quilt!  

(Unless I've miscounted)  (I'm sure I haven't miscounted)  (Well, pretty sure)  (I'm pretending I haven't miscounted)  (La la la)

Part of the process - which was necessary but slowed me down considerably - was twirling all those little seams as I went along.  It's going to make the final assembly easier, but oh my - what a pain in the butt at the beginning!

However, I am NOT continuing this twirly mayhem as I start making the small blocks into larger blocks.  If my thinking is correct (but remember what I've named this quilt), when I combine these bigger blocks into even bigger blocks, the seams will still nest.

My process so far has been to sew blocks together into pairs until I'm thoroughly bored, then sew pairs into foursies until I get sick of that.

Back and forth between twosies and foursies, twosies and foursies...

Fairly quickly I had enough to put up on my hastily cleared design wall.

I got so excited that I put together four more.

And then since it was going so well, I just kept rolling!

And that's enough for one fourth of the quilt!

I've got a stack of twosies still by the machine, and lots more blocks to sew together, but the quilt is starting to look real!

Every time I look at it, I make a little 'woohoo' noise - which makes me think I might actually finish it at some not-too-distant point.  


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Saturday, August 8, 2020

45 Blocks and an Oops. Oh, and a Cake Stand. And another Cake Stand.

 Lately I've been making a big push to get Totally Demented to the flimsy stage.  (I'm trying to be good and clear the decks first so I can start Sand Castles 2.)  (Being good is hard.) 

The other day I put my head down and my butt in my sewing chair and turned out 46 blocks.

Well, 45 of them went smoothly, but as I was ironing the last one I discovered that I'd made an oopsy block.

When I sewed the two halves together, I'd spun one of them around the wrong way.  A few minutes with the seam ripper and a quick trip under the needle and all was good.

That means I now have 224 of the 256 I need.  I'm back to churning out quarter blocks and half blocks, and am hopeful that I'll be done soon.

Then as a palate cleanser, I made a purple cake stand.

And that was so yummy that I made another.

I'll probably be able to find another purple or two in my stash so I can make a few more.  Purple is the next best thing to orange, so I do tend to accumulate them...

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And hey, it's my birthday!  Purple seems like a good color for my birthday month!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Okay, I give up. I"m making Cake Stands for this year's RSC.

This is actually a purple cake stand, but my camera struggles with purples so I admit it looks kind of pink.

So now Cake Stand is officially a RSC 2020 quilt and will roll over into 2021.  There.  That's settled.

I was really glad when Angela announced a new color for RSC, both because purple is my second most favorite color to play with and because it gave me something to actually show for all the stitching I've been doing lately.

It's not that I haven't kept busy.  Here you can see my nine-patches-in-progress in the upper left corner, with the postage stamp squares cut for PSP20 for August, light green for January, and yellow for whenever it might turn up on the calendar.  At upper right is a couple of platefuls of Easy Peasy leader/enders, with my four-patches-in-progress all across the bottom of the picture.

And I pulled out the Demented bits and have been diligently getting more demented by the day,

but it doesn't leave much to look at.  The pile of half-blocks on the left is growing higher, but one picture pretty much looks like another.

Four-patches for Sand Castles 2 are appearing, too.  Normally I have tons of these on hand for assorted projects, but the first Sand Castles quilt used up a metric butt-ton of them.  (Well, only 512 of them, but that's pretty close.)  But you know, you've seen one four-patch, you've seen them all...

The Easy Peasies are drifting in, too.  But again, not very impressive as a way to show progress.

Though here we go.

First purple Postage Stamp block.  That's a bit better.

Nothing like purple to give a little flash!

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(And a New Blogger update - I thought I'd finally figured out and gotten settled in with New Blogger, but tonight it wouldn't let me create a new post.  I've had to revert to Old Blogger in order to post all this.  No idea what the problem is, but I sure wish they'd get their act together.)