Saturday, February 27, 2021

A few more yellow bits, just under the wire

I'm wrapping up the last of the yellows for February's RSC.   (And I just saw that March is going to be green!  Huzzah!)  (My third favorite color!)  (After orange and purple, of course!)

Cake Stands are a happy block, no matter which color.

And I've got a dandy bunch of chips ready to go.

The chips made a good leader/ender for some more Glitter blocks

and since I found the other bag of blocks that I'd kitted up last year, I guess I'll carry on piecing some more of them.  They're tricky enough that I can only make about three of them before my eye starts to twitch and the swearing starts to get almost too loud, but three by three will continue to add up!

I also try to spend a little time each session just cutting pieces for future projects, like my tumblers for instance.

That bin doesn't look very full until I take a photo from the side -

cutting twenty or so pieces every time I'm handling fabric will eventually start to add up.  When I'm ready to start the quilt, it's going to go pretty fast, even if it ends up as a leader/ender.  (This is the same approach I took for my Triangle Stars - cutting pieces off and on over the course of a year or two, then starting the sewing.  That top really whooshed itself right together!)

I also continue to cut strips for 9-patches for my Jack's Chain, squares and rectangles for Easy Peasy, 4-patches just because I like 4-patches, and triangles for my future Ocean Waves and Tree of Paradise.

And then of course, there are the pieces I cut for quilts I'm not actually starting at all, like Flutterby.

I sure hope my great-great-great-grandchildren like finishing quilts, because I think I have enough starts to keep several generations entertained for years...

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

I know February is a short month but this is ridiculous

 Where does the time go?  Three weeks into February and this is my first gathering of the yellows for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

In between finishing those two tops I showed in my last post, I got a couple of Antique Tile blocks done,

and a couple of yellow chips as well.  I've got several more of those cut out and sitting next to my sewing machine since they make dandy leader/enders.

And I really got carried away with my postage stamp blocks for PSP20-21, making not one,

not two,

but THREE blocks.

(Admittedly that last one was kind of an oops.  I'd lost track of how many I'd made and thought the third one was merely the second.) (This is not a bad oops.)

And while I was doing all that postaging, I finished up another pink that I'd cut out last month but hadn't gotten stitched.

It's been a good month for postage stamps!

I only got one cake stand done so far,

but I've got two more cut out and ready to go.

After working so relentlessly on Grassy Creek and Sand Castles 2, I was a little lost after finishing them.  What to do, what to do?  Get back to a UFO, or start something new?
You'd be proud - I dug out a little bag of Glitter bits that I'd kitted up a long time ago, then set aside and mostly forgotten.  (Somehow in my mind, I'd taken the 'there, that's done' of setting up the kits, and transmuted it into 'there, that's done' as in 'no further action required')  I spied a few sets that had yellow incorporated in them and pulled them out to stitch right up.

And there I was, feeling all virtuous for resisting the siren call of starting a new project.  So strong! 

And since I was being so good, it surely couldn't hurt to just look up that other Jen Kingwell quilt that I want to make.  You know, for after I finish Glitter and all.  It's always good to be prepared - everyone says so.

So I pulled out the book and just looked at the pattern.  And then I read the directions and noticed that she used an odd measurement for the grid base for the blocks.  Next thing I knew I was translating the pattern into sizes of strips and squares that I already cut and use, and then this happened.

Not that I'm starting a new project.  Nope, not me.

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

If they gave out gold medals for procrastination, I'd have a drawerful of them

 I'm two flimsies behind in the Showing Off department.

First - I finished the top for Grassy Creek.  (yay!)

(Disregard those corners on the right - they're flappy and full of mischief)  I'm quite happy with my sashing mods, and I found a perfect border fabric.  

It's a batik with shades of orange and yellow, with tinges of green and red (well, more pinkish I guess, but pink is red-adjacent) and has a leafy vibe that works with the grassy creek theme.  I'm calling it a success, and am now looking forward to this year's Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.

For flimsy two - against all odds I finally finished all the endless string-pieced borders (at least 92 miles, I swear) and finished up the top for Sand Castles 2.

My poor design wall is nowhere near tall enough, and the bottom foot or so of the top is dragging on the floor...

And thank goodness I read about faking a mitered corner just before I tackled the four corners on this top - trying to do a true miter would have left me gibbering!

(How had I missed that a mitered corner is just a half-square triangle in disguise?  You're never too old to learn a new trick!)

This one is for my grandson, so it gets bumped right to the front of the next-to-be-quilted line.

Of course, now for the hard part - clearing off the big table in the dining room so I can get the basting done.

Not to mention that I'll probably have to chloroform the cats to keep them from 'helping'...