Saturday, March 5, 2022

End of the (Rhododendron) Trail

So when I last checked in, I had wandered off the Rhododendron Trail this far: 

so I carried on a bit farther into the weeds and made a couple of test blocks.

A bit of scrumbling around in the stash gave me that nifty blue border, and I decided that a touch of red wouldn't go amiss as a stop border.

At this point the sensible portion of my brain (you know, the bit that isn't mostly made up of gumballs and squirrels) whispered "Psst...  If you were making a baby quilt, you'd be almost done already..." 

and for a wonder, I actually listened.

Tada! I'm thinking a binding of either red or yellow (or possibly red AND yellow?) would finish this off nicely.  Or maybe pink...

I enjoy doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts every year and will happily join in on the next one.  It just cracks me up that I ended up with something SO different this year!  You never know where the trail will lead you!

My RSC Chips blocks made dandy leader/enders while all that rhododendroning was going on.

Now I'm be marching on to March's yellows and golds.  

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