Friday, April 24, 2020

Where does the time go?

It's been a while so I figured I'd better check in, just to say 'still here!'
I haven't gotten as much sewing done as I'd like, but at least I got Clue 3 done for Bonnie Hunter's Unity SAL.

(It's squarer in real life than it looks in this photo.  Honest.)

I've cut a few pieces for Clue 4 and hope to get the next border stitched up this weekend.  I'm only a week behind as of now, but there's another clue coming on Monday.

Just need to focus better on that focus thing...

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Ready for round three

I sewed like the wind today and got the latest round of Bonnie Hunter's Unity mystery quilt done so I'll be ready for Clue 3 tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what's next!

I'm happy with the red/blue/brown cholor scheme I've got going on for this quilt.

And even with all that blue all over my cutting mat, I only got one block done for the RSC this week.

This is another of the blocks that I thought I was done making, but clearly I'm wrong about this one, too.

Unless I've accidentally started another quilt?

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Why, no, I'm not starting a new project. Why do you ask?

This project I'm not starting (Hi, Sally!) has its beginning in my being gifted with this book a couple of years ago.  (Dear daughter caught me drooling all over its pages at a quilt shop we were visiting)

Didn't start the quilt, though!  Strong am I, and focused.

And then a year or two later I 'accidentally' bought the templates for cutting the pieces.  (oops!) 

Still didn't start the quilt!  Too many projects going already!  Must resist!

And then I found this fabric.

And fell head over heels.  A fussy-cutter's dream, I tell ya!  And in all my colors!  How perfect is that?

I grabbed those templates and my mirror-thingy (another 'accidental' acquisition - not that I was starting a new project) and started playing.

There's just no bad place to set those templates down.

 Next thing I knew, I was pulling fabric and had my rotary cutter in hand

and was starting to accumulate all kinds of bits and bobs.

Maybe something warmer for those skinny diamonds?

And what about for this one?  Blue?

Or green?

And now I've noticed that little piles of zippybags are appearing.

And I finally figured out what that little dumpling bag I'd made was for.

But I haven't sewn a stitch yet, so it totally doesn't count as starting a quilt, right?


Though for an unstarted project, there sure are a bunch of holes in that fabric...

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Another day, another doodad

Our new color for the RSC is blue - the lights and the brights.

I had some leftover blue triangles sitting right on my cutting mat, thanks to Bonnie Hunter's new SAH mystery.  I grabbed some orange triangles to set them off (because nothing sets off blue quite so well as orange) (actually nothing sets off any color quite so well as orange) and there's the first April Doodad.

Speaking of Bonnie's Unity, here's the center of the medallion on my design wall, complete with 1.5" neutral border.

You'll notice the design wall has a Conspicuous Lack of Sand Castles.

That's because they're currently partially webbed and heaped all over my chair and ironing board.

Seven columns down and one to go!  Then I can start sewing the rows together.  Getting closer!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Well of course I'm doing the new Bonnie Hunter mystery

I hesitated for about two minutes before jumping into this one.  It's a medallion quilt and I love medallion quilts.  And I couldn't possibly miss a chance to start another quilt, could I?

Yesterday's progress -

bits made and laid out for a photo op.

Then today I got them assembled.

After I got it together, I noticed two different places where identical reds were too close together, but I decided it didn't bug me enough to make me rip it out and re-position them.  So be it.  If I know my Bonnie Hunter quilts, this thing will be big enough and busy enough that it can't possibly matter.

Today's task was also to start the webbing of the Sand Castles.

Three columns down, five to go.

And speaking of Sand Castles, I had one of those "well, duh" moments while trying to decide what should go in the empty Sand Castle bin.

How about the second Sand Castle - the one in reds with black and white?  The one I've already started making?

I don't even have to change the label.