Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Finally catching up with the Mysterious Libby!

Finally got some sewing time to devote to Clue 4 for Libby's Mystery Quilt.  It was an easy clue - just some HSTs.   In moments I was done!

So then, of course, I had to play with these new toys a little.

And another just like it, only with values reversed.

How about two more?

Oh, and throw in some yellow while we're about it.

I didn't have time to add another color, but I plan to do that after the reveal.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the Mysterious Libby has in mind!

Company's coming, so I've been picking up stuff in the studio, so there's room to walk around.  And the great organization project continues, as I fold and stack.

My new rule is that if I touch a piece of fabric, I fold it neatly and add it to its proper stack when I'm done with it.  And I spend 15 minutes here and there just grabbing, folding, and adding to stacks, in between working on fun stuff.  Little by little, I'm going to get my rainbows in order.
I've already found some bits of favorite fabrics that I thought I'd used up.  It's like running into old friends!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mystery time - now with triangles!

I squeezed in a bit of time at the studio this afternoon, so I grabbed my Mystery bits and followed Clue 3.  Some rather large (to me, anyway, but I'm all about the small stuff) triangles were called for, and naturally I had to play with them.

Why, yes, I did add a third color.  I seem to be adding a color with each clue.  (I'm starting to wonder how many clues there will be...)

And since there are now bars and HSTs in play in this mystery, I fiddled about with both parts.

I'm looking forward to Friday and the next clue!  And trying to decide what color to add in next - Purple?  Orange?
Maybe both?

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

With just a touch of lime

Well, the RSC color for March is a springy limy green, so I dug up through my pile of green bits to see what I could come up.

First up is an Orts block.  (Go here for a link to the pattern and a peek at how I'm constructing these blocks.)

I keep having the best of intentions of making more than one of these blocks each month, but here it is March and I'm still at only one-per.  Though there's a fair bit of March left, so maybe it could happen.

Next up were my beloved Centennial stars.

I enjoy planning and making these blocks enough that I'm starting to stack up some 2 5/8" squares for the centers for future blocks.  (It's an awkward size, but apparently there's some magic math involved that I'm totally willing to accept.)  Any time I'm cutting a 3" strip for something, I lop off a 2 5/8" piece and square it up.  I'm a firm believer in multitasking when I've got a rotary cutter in hand.

Speaking of multitasking - I'm slowly but surely piling up bits for Totally Demented.  My supply of 2.5" squares is being raided for sewing triangles, plus I'm cutting more 2" HSTs to add to the ones I'd already been stockpiling for my flying geese blocks.

Those poor flying geese - I've been dreaming of a flying geese strippy quilt for the longest time, but I keep cannibalizing the parts for other projects.  Most of my finished geese blocks ended up in my Gwennie medallion quilts, so I made some more.  But most of those got sucked into Long Time Gone (aka Are We There Yet), so I had to start over again.  Now my triangles are getting drafted into yet another side project.

Someday my geese will come, but it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A little bit of mystery

With a free afternoon and no snow falling, I finally caught up with Libby's Mystery today.
It was an easy clue she gave us - just sew the rectangles together.
So I did.

And then, I had to play with them, of course.

And then, since I've never been one to leave well enough alone, I cut out some more pieces from another color.

And then I had even more things to play with.

Meanwhile, I was working on this.

Which, to my joy, became this -

Burgoyne is officially Surrounded.  I sincerely love this quilt (it looks even better in real life!), and I'm so grateful to Cathy for making hers and inspiring me to make my own.

Now I just need to think about a border.  I definitely want to run some neutrals around the outside edge, in order to float the whole thing.  It's just a question of if I want anything else.  You just know I want to make some fun fantastic pieced border that will be way more complicated than necessary, because that's what I do.
We'll see if I can restrain myself...

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