Sunday, April 23, 2017

"March, march, march" said the little plaid hen

This little plaid hen sent me down the Metro to Washington DC to attend the March for Science.

It was a little crowded, with lots of people from all over smiling and carrying signs.

We spent a lot of time elbow to elbow -

 and most of the day was spent squelching along in the rain.

But luckily we were dressed for rain, because science had warned us that it was coming!

I had a lot of fun, reading signs, and laughing as chanting was attempted, but since sciencey people tend to be a bit skewed to introverts, it was hard to get any real chanting momentum going...  It was a terrific day celebrating the importance of science to all of us.

Today I was warmer and drier, and got some sewing done.
There was glitter

and another multicolor chicken to join that other little clucker for April's RSC cluckers blocks.

And a few hourglasses got thrown together as leader/enders.  Though it wasn't until I'd set the blocks out for this photo that I realized that I'd made an error on the little plain hen - she's going to have to go in for a tummy-tuck!

And for those keeping score -

I'm this far along with Twinkle.  Step by step, inch by inch...

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It begins...

My machine is de-linted, my needle is new, and my bobbins are full.

Here goes nothin'!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Two clucks and a cathouse

Not a lot of sewing got done this week, what with one thing and another, but I did manage a couple of little red multicolored hens.

I particularly like that second one, with the cat wings.

Speaking of cats, I took a closer look as I passed the doghouse yesterday.

"What?  Dog's not using it..."

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where does the time go?

I thought I had posted earlier in the week, but it seems I was wrong.  (It's possible I dreamed it...)

Here's the little rascal that has sucked up so much of my time lately -

Her name is Chuckles, and she's the sole survivor of a litter of fifteen.  This photo is the best I could get of her - it's blurry because she Never. Stops. Moving.   (She's playing with a ball here, which is her second favorite thing to do.  Eating is her very favorite thing, of course.)

The only sewing I've managed to squeeze in is finishing the back for the Twinkle quilt.  I laid it out on the big dining table to get it ready to baste.

I had a bunch of triangles left over, so I've used them to piece a strip for the back.  This was partly for interest, and partly so I wouldn't have to drive myself crazy piecing short narrow bits together to make the backing wide enough.   (I had two 3.5 yard cuts of this pretty striped fabric, which I got long before the top was finished, thinking it would be plenty.  Optimism continually bites me on the butt.)

I had the back laid out on the table and was smoothing it and taping it down, when it dawned on me that it should be upside down.
Finally, after much wrangling and starting over (because I realized that I was going to have to lay it out with the width of the quilt running the long way on the table because ginormous table isn't ginormous enough for ginormous quilt), I started pinning.

Hopefully the quilting can commence in the next couple of days.  Yay!

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