Friday, November 26, 2010

I have no idea what time it is. I'm not even sure what day it is...

Looking at the clock isn't helping, either.
11:12 am.
And that means?
I got off work at 9:00 am, after going into work at 11:30 pm on Turkey Day. That much I'm sure of. But since I didn't officially end Thursday, does that mean it's still Thursday or is it now Friday?
The nap I took this afternoon Thanksgiving afternoon is only adding to the confusion.
As it turns out, it was a quiet night. We had freezing rain that started at midnight, just as we opened, and continued through the night. There were weather advisories warning people to stay home, repeated on the radio all night long.
I don't know if they actually stayed home, but they didn't show up at our place. At least not in the droves that Home Office was hoping for.
I went out to my car around 4:30 am to eat lunch (Or supper. Or possibly breakfast. Tough call.) and all the employee cars looked like glazed donuts. Happily, I got my door open, since my lunchbox was on the front passenger seat. (Homemade meatloaf sandwich, if anyone's interested. I had predicted that I would need comfort food, and I was right.)
Where was I?
By 9:00am, the rain had turned to snow. On top of ice. Driving home seemed to take three days, what with the weather, the conditions, and my general punchiness. Which would mean it's currently Monday...
I think I'm going to go take a nap. I hope Madman will wake me up when it's Saturday, because I have to go to work.


Dorothy said...

So sorry you had to work that shift! I can't even imagine going shopping at that hour, never mind working. We try to stay as far away from stores on Black Friday as possible. There is nothing I want that badly. Get some sleep.

Erika said...

Oh ugh, you have my sympathies!

Laurie said...

Sounds like Black Friday was well named for your particular situation. I just don't get this big sale thing anymore.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Pull the shades, crawl under the covers, and sleep until Saturday. You earned it!