Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just in case there was a pool...

My official cast-on time for Lyra was this morning at 10:42.

The first time.

Then I realized that "Knit all intermediate rounds" meant exactly what I suspected it did. One round too late, of course.

So my second official cast-on time for Lyra was this morning at 10:52.
(Y'all can settle on a winner by yourselves.)

And away we go...

If you're wondering how I missed that key clue - check out the size of the row numbers on this chart. (It's inside the '0' hole of my needle gauge.) Hard to see, even with bifocals. That's my story, anyway.


Anonymous said...

With a chart that small I'd scan it into my computer and print it larger on however many pieces of paper it took!

Erika said...


Cookie said...

When I get high up on those charts, I lay a notepad on the row above, so I only see where I've been and what I'm knitting. That helps me keep it all straight. Plus I make notes on everything. /sigh

You're doing great!