Friday, November 5, 2010

Just under the wire

This post, that is.
Our chickens are another story. I keep wanting to get a picture of them at roosting time, but lately either I've been working at that time, or it's been pouring rain, or both.
It seems that our little Not-Buff-Orpingtons (who are now getting old enough to lay eggs - I found one in their coop the other day) basically just stay in their pen out of politeness. It's certainly not because they think they're confined.
I got home from work recently at about dusk, and saw that there were two of the little hens roosting on the gate, three more on top the fence, one on top of the coop door, and two on the roof. That means that only four were availing themselves of the shelter of the coop.
They're definitely not Buff Orpingtons. They may not even be chickens...

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Bullwinkle said...

Wait - chickens are supposed to want to stay sheltered?? Out of the rain?

Exactly which birds are you speaking of?