Sunday, November 21, 2010

There, that's done.

The last of the meat birds went into the freezer today. Plucking chickens isn't my idea of a good time on my day off, but it's a necessary component of the way we choose to live.

But why does my cellphone always ring when I've got both hands covered in wet feathers?


Bullwinkle said...

Who says you have to answer it? Really, the cell phone was invented for my convenience, not the convenience of others. Just because I forgot to mute it, implies nothing. Just because ...

oh wait. This might be my issue ;) (I, uh, threw the cell phone away on Saturday. Still looking for the battery. Ooopsie.)

p.s. By your methods, we shall have parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme to carry us through the cold months.

Cookie said...

At least, that's over with for the year and totally worth the work.

They always ring at the worst times. That's their job, isn't it?


sophanne said...

Now there's some irony!

chicken feathers and cell phones... sounds like the title to something