Saturday, July 11, 2015

Star Patch Back, No Red in Ohio, and Silly Monkeys

So, okay, that title makes perfect sense to me.  Your mileage may vary.

I've got the back of Katie's Star Patch done, so the next step is to sandwich and baste.

There will be one tricky bit in lining up the back with the front.  Here's a process photo, where I've got the star strip for the back stretched out across the front for measuring for placement.  Since the quilting is going to follow the patchwork, I want the stars on the back to line up with the stars on the front.  Because I'm just that anal-retentive   control obsessed   relentlessly focused   tidy. 

Here's a peek at the points I'm lining up.

I briefly considered making the back all kinds of complicated, with lots of blocks and strips and patchwork and plain, and then I came to my senses and realized that I really want to finish this quilt in this century.
Back is done.  There.

To celebrate, I made a few more Ohio Stars, trying to catch up to the RSC.   My goal is to make at least two blocks for each color, and as many more as I feel like.  (It's good to have goals.)  I didn't get any more reds done for July, but since I have three already, I'm not going to sweat that too much.
February's color was pink, so I'm now halfway done with February.  (I have another pink one cut out, but not assembled yet.  I keep changing my mind about the center square.)  (It's a 4.5" block.  I need to get over fussing over a center square that measures 1.5".)

 Another purple.  Hurray for purple!

And another yellow.

Once I make another pink and a couple light blue for June, I'll be caught up.
As I mentioned in my next-to-last post, I'm having quite a battle with myself, limiting my color use to only the focus color.  (This is the real challenge part of the challenge for me.)
Because I was starting to crack, I gave myself a little reward.
An Ohio Star with  more colors.  Because I've been so very very good.

And with all the blocks running through the machine, those leader/ender four-patches are mounting up nicely.

And a couple more Silly Monkeys showed up.

I might have to make a quilt.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I linked up with ScrapHappy Saturday and Oh, Scrap.   Come see all the fun!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like you had a VERY busy week... sewing!!! :o))

Chantal said...

Oh Gayle, there's no need to sweat over the backing of Star Patch. It is such a gorgeous quilt, who will ever look at the back? The star strip is perfect. Your Ohio Star are just wonderful and to think that they are only 4.5 inches big is nothing but AMAAAAAAZING! great work!!

scraphappy said...

Oh how I understand the need for other colors to sneak in. Remember that this challenge is all about no quilt guilt. Cheat all you want! Love the stars, so sweet. Especially when you give the size. Everything tiny is cuter after all.

kmkat said...

I just realized an important facet of quilt-making: no gauge swatches.

LA Paylor said...

silly monkeys...

I like the stars... stay strong!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love all those crossed out descriptive words (giggle).

Cathy said...

I don't think I've ever see anyone be so TIDY!!!! Yikes!!!! I made Little Monkeys last year for RSC and I always used other colors of scraps. I always just made the HSTs out of the color of the month. Other colors creep into some of my other projects too.

Nell's Quilts said...

Those tiny blocks are so cute. Will you make a mini or collect up a whole bunch for a larger quilt?

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

So happy the silly monkeys made it! Your blocks all look great. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

BTW - "a bit crazy" came to mind when I saw you were lining up your stars! ;)

Vic in NH said...

Love that colorful Ohio Star and your Strange Infestation is hilarious!

audrey said...

That's a great backing! More than I usually do that's for sure.:)

Rosa said...

Busy girl, anyone is gorgeous and love how you play with your fabrics!