Sunday, July 5, 2015

Into the bramble patch

It's berry picking time up in my neck of the woods.  With all the rain and the heat, the berry brambles have shifted into hyperdrive this year.
Bumper crop is the phrase that comes to mind.

This morning I grabbed my bucket and headed out while the dew was still on the leaves.
I worked my way around the edge of a hedgerow, then went over to the old well-drilling rig that is now a combination yard-art/berry trellis, and picked there as well.

There were other spots I could have moved on to at that point, but my bucket was full

my fingers were stained

and my arms were getting sore.  (As this picture I took later shows.  Ouch!)

I've got enough berries for a good sized batch of jelly, and if I can get rid of some seeds, I might make some turnovers.  And there's plenty of berries still out there if I want to go get more.

Speaking of yard art, or rather farm art, this is my most favorite of all of Dad's tractors.
It's the Minimalist Tractor.

He just got the engine put back on it, and is charging up the battery.  There are plenty more years of faithful service here!


Judy said...

I love berries, but not the chiggers. I use my tomato strainer to separate the seeds from the juice and pulp. A picture of one:

kmkat said...

Blackberries grow wild along the roadside here, too. They tried to take over part of our yard but Smokey had our former teenage helper rip them out; that's where my little perennial garden is now. You will have some summer in your pantry!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

oh lucky you! I planted two raspberrie bushes and a blackberry bush this year, but I won't see berries for at least another month. And certainly not enough for jam!

Sandra Walker said...

Oh how I LOVE that tractor! I've noticed those same berries (mulberries? I think?) are loaded on the bushes around here too. Between fishflies and yep, bumper crop of berries, the birds are getting fat!