Saturday, October 13, 2018

October Green

It feels a bit funny to be hauling out greens in October, when the world outside is trying very hard to be not-green as fall erupts around us.
But green is always a happy choice to play with, so I made up a block for the Squared Away sampler.  (Have I mentioned how much I've enjoyed these blocks?  Every one of them is tempting me to make a whole quilt out of them.)

When I added this one to the Squared Away stack, I remembered that I hadn't made the blue block for September, so I pulled out my notebook where I keep a record of the patterns.  (I can't get wifi in either of my studios, so I have to transport information the old-fashioned way.)

Well, that explains why I haven't done the September block.  I'll have to revert to an even more old-fashioned way and scrawl the pattern on the back of an envelope...

In the meantime, in between my log-cabin-building efforts, I'm still putt-putting along with my demented project.  I sew HSTs until I'm sick of them, then sew together those little four-patch butterflies until I'm sick of them, then I switch to sewing a light butterfly to a dark butterfly to form a half block until - well, you get the picture.

And when I have a sizable stack of half blocks, I finally start sewing them together to make more full blocks.

And when I get tired of that, I go back to HSTs.  Little by little, the stack grows.  (The fact that I'm spinning every one of those seam intersections as I go helps contribute to the tedium factor.  I know it's making everything easier to sew together, but wowzers it's a pain in the butt.)

When I get to where the count is over 200 (out of the 256 I need) I think I'll start sewing these blocks together into sets of four.  Just to break things up, of course.  (By that time, the seam spinning will be epic.)
I can do this, yes I can.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Logs and more logs, and loony every one

Still loonily logging away here.

Sometimes I zig -

and sometimes I zag.

Frankly at this point I have no idea how many little loggy cuties I have now.  I've given up counting them, because what's the point?

I just seem to keep cutting more logs to add to the fire pile.  Accidentally, of course.

You know what I mean.

Linking with Julie for Log Cabin Loonies.  (I'm late, but I was busy making logs and lost tack of time...)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Against all odds

Hey, look!  Finally a post!  There are lots of pictures, too, since I've been sewing a bit here and there.
Last month I inventoried my Centennial stars and decided to make purple ones for September instead of dark blue.  (I had lots of blue stars that I made last year, but only one purple.)
And as long as I was playing with purple, I might as well play with pink, too, right?

And that cleared the way to make some green stars for October

 And as long as I was on such a roll, another pink and a yellow/gold showed up with the last two greens.

Inventory time again.

I'm not done yet since I really like making these, and they're only 6" blocks, so it's going to take quite a few to make a good-sized quilt. 

Next I turned my attention to my Jacks blocks - another block I really enjoy making.

And where there are Jacks, there are buckeyes, since I usually make them in tandem.

When I first fell in love with these little cuties, they were set in a quilt like this -

and that's how I'd intended to use them when I'd accumulated the hundreds that I'd need.  (4" blocks.  Hundreds might be optimistic...)
But after seeing Bonnie's leader/ender  Jewel Box Stars this year,

I'm kind of tempted to set them like that.  I've got lots of time to decide, since I'm nowhere near having a lot of these yet.

When I put away the Jacks and Buckeyes (and you'll notice that they even share a bin - they really are linked in my brain!), I decided I might as well count them up, too, as long as I was in a counting kind of mood.

And a good thing it was, too, since I found a few wanderers hiding in amongst the Jacks.

A 4" broken dishes block.

Two little red chicks that should be in the Cluckers bin.

And a pinwheel and a Hope of Hartford block.  The pinwheel belongs in the pinwheel bin, of course, but the Hope of Hartford doesn't have a home.  (It's a block I auditioned for RSC a couple of years ago.  Looking at it now, I'm tempted to start cutting a bunch more...)

And the real surprise was these five itty bitty kaleidoscopes that I'd completely forgotten about.

Good thing I got my Kaleidoscope Shot so I don't come down with THAT infection again.  Maybe I should make these up into potholders or something so I'm safe from starting a quilt.  (I wouldn't actually need that many more to make just a tiny little quilt though, right?  Maybe a couple of blues and another orange or two...)

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Throw another log on the fire!

Or, at least, throw another log on the cabin...

I laid all the finished cabins out yesterday, to see how many I had -

Turns out there were fifty-three.

Since then I've finished a few more, but didn't get another photo.  I'd laid them out on my cutting table and I had to gather them back up in order to have room to cut some more logs.

Not that I'm obsessing over tiny log cabins or anything.  But I am running low on a couple of log sizes...

My method thus far is to sew a 1" strip to a 1.5" strip of that red polka dot that I'm using for all the block centers, then subcut into 1.5" pieces.  No way on earth am I going to cut 1x1.5" pieces and sew them to 1.5" squares.  (The neighbors would complain about all the cussing coming from my sewing room, even with the windows closed...) 
At first I was then sewing these pieces to a 1" strip and then subcutting (the mile-a-minute technique), but the blocks were coming out a bit too wonky.  I think that blocks using wider logs work fine that way, but at this scale I'm better off cutting logs to size and sewing them on individually. 
I've been cutting 1" slices off the ends of my pre-cut strips (2", 2.5", etc) but was grumbling to myself about the sizes that I don't normally have on hand - 4" strips, for example.  Then I had one of those 'duh' moments when I realized that I could just cut any length off a 2" strip and slice it longways into two 1" strips.  Two inch strips I've got aplenty - and cutting more all the time since I need them for my Demented quilt.
Logging on!

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Whoosh goes September!

September has completely gotten away from me.  I did manage to get some sewing squeezed in (finally) but bogged down on the energy needed to post about it.  So, here I finally am, with fistfuls of pictures.

One last blue Jacks for this month's RSC.   I'll be doing a quick paw-thru in the other bins to see what blocks I need to make in blue for the last week of the month.   Jacks, Buckeyes, and Centennial stars are all in good shape.  I need to haul out the clucker bucket and see what would look good.  I also need to make my Squared Away blocks for this month (and last month as well.)

Since I have plenty of blue Centennials, I went back and made some purples.  How on earth I'm light on purples, I'll never know.
I fixed that!

There!  Five new Centennials.  Now I need to hit the greens and the pinks to bring those totals up, too. 
Today was a good cutting day:
Centennials -

and lots of loony little logs -

and a few more potato chips (though I was careful not to get too close to that tray of temptation...)

Also finished this week was Sunflower #5 and I started testing for centers.
Purple, maybe?

This Kaffe print is brighter in the photo than it is in person.  (It seems to have lit up the whole block, for that matter.  My camera got all excited.)

And a green that looks better in real life than this photo shows.

I couldn't get a good bead on that green color until I noticed that photographing this Centennial star next to it brought out the true hue.  (Check out the photo above of that purple star - I left in that green corner when I was editing)

It's hard enough to get my camera to show purple properly - now it's going to mess up green, too?  Argh.

And I'm still plugging along on my Demented bits. 

Because what else could I be but Totally Demented?

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

September sings the blues

Well, I revved up my blues this week for the RSC, starting with a Jacks block

and continuing with a Buckeye.  Since the Jacks block needs six HSTs and the Buckeye needs two, I cut them all at the same time with my Easy Angle ruler.  It's just as easy to cut eight sets as six (even easier if you stack double deep like I do - six doesn't come out even, but eight does...), so every little bit of efficiency helps.

That's the same polka dot print in both those blocks, but the color is more accurate in the Buckeye, for reasons unknown.

It's a small start to the month, but I've got my blues bin at the ready, so hopefully more progress will follow!

In the meantime, I also pieced another sunflower block, shown here sitting on top of the fabric for the center.  This is the first of these blocks where I decided on a fabric for the center right at the start and then built out from there.

I kind of miss the dither, though.

I've cut bits for the next sunflower, too.

And look - there's even some blue!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Logging loonily away

I've been chugging along with my little log squirrels cabins, accumulating a nice bunch of them.

Since I'm just making log cabin blocks for the heck of it, without a clear plan, it's unclear how many I'm going to need.

Of course, since I had bits left over -

I might as well keep going.

And I did.  I've got thirty done so far.

(Or rather, I've got 29 and 11/13ths blocks done.  If you look really carefully at the one in the upper right corner, you'll see that the last two dark pieces are missing.

Gonna have to cut a few more bits.  Or a lot more bits.  It's still a toss-up...

Since I don't have a plan, how will I know when I'm done?

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Farewell orange, hello blue

September already?  I think my calendar is broken.  Seems like it was just the summer solstice and here we are at the edge of Labor Day.

I finished up August orange with a Centennial star to add to my collection.

Then I got curious and counted up what I've got so far.  These were a carryover from last year's RSC, but I haven't always been as diligent as I could be with them.

Only one purple?  It's even worse than I thought.  We've made two passes at purple and I only ended up with one block - clearly I need to backtrack and fix that oversight!  Red and green could use some love, too.

Unless I've misplaced some blocks instead of putting them in their bin...  I do have a history of that...  hmmm...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Little Loony Logs

When Julie K announced a new round of Log Cabin Loonies, I was all excited.  I'd played along last time and enjoyed making stacks of little log cabin blocks.

"Woohoo!" I thought.  "I'll just pull out those blocks and start up again!"

But I searched high and low for them with no results.


I was convinced that I'd put them in such a safe place that they had vanished altogether, until Cathy had a good thought - she asked me if I'd used them in my Gwennie Medallion quilt.  I do believe she's right!

Which gives me a perfect excuse to start over with a new project, right?  Because technically it's not a new project at all, being a continuation of an old project.  (These technicalities are so useful.)

I located the bin of 1" strips that were leftover from some other adventure (maybe Long Time Gone's pineapples?) and got right to work.

Little by little, these little loonies are growing.

Linking my little loony logs to JulieK's party - come see all the cabiny fun!