Saturday, February 17, 2018

As if life wasn't complicated enough...

So, this happened the other day.

I tried gluing them, but (true to my usual experience with crazy glue) just ended up gluing my fingers together, and at one point had the frame of one piece glued to my thumb.  (I also ended up with glue in one eyebrow and I can't even begin to figure out how that happened.)
I finally gave up and asked my dad for help.  He held the parts together while I tried to squeeze some glue. 
"Just a drop," he kept saying - "Just a drop!
"Dad, I can't see it without my glasses..."

Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly), the repair was impossible, since the bridge piece is just too thin to hold together with glue.  I'm overdue for a new prescription, so I'll be off to the eye doctor, but the earliest appointment they had wasn't for a couple of weeks.

So, cheap Walmart readers to tide me over.  Far from perfect, but at least I can read a computer screen.  (I just have to remember to take them off when moving around - the vertigo gives me nausea.)
I'll probably take another stab at fixing my real glasses, now that I can actually see them again.  Some kind of splint across the bridge, to fasten the halves to...  Yeah, that could work...
Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I turn my back for FIVE minutes...

He always manages to pop the hoop as he settles into his magical cat-nest.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On Ringo Lake, just drifting away

Yesterday was the last link-up party for On Ringo Lake over at Bonnie's place, so I need to throw a quick post up about Ringo's status.  Wouldn't want to miss a party!
I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked, but getting sewing time has been a rough road lately.  I'm just going to declare myself happy with my progress and move on.

The lower left corner of the quilt is assembled, and the row running from upper left to lower right is sewn together, but not attached to the main part yet.  Little by little...

(And don't think I'm not saving those little cutoff tippy-tops from the setting triangles.

I've already thought of several things to do with them, from flying geese to Hope of Hartford to using them for the outer triangles for a square-in-square block.)

The master plan for ORL at this point is to scoop all the sewn-together parts and set them aside, while I continue making more components as leader/enders for my other projects.

You know, projects like Burgoyne, who had to get displaced so I could take photos of Ringo.

He's now mumbling to himself over there in the corner, and making ominous threats involving "Surrounding".  Ringo better watch his back...

Come see the last Ringo Lake linkup at Bonnie Hunter's place.  So many people played along with this mystery quilt - isn't that a wonderful thing?

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Surrounded by Burgoyne...

Let's be clear.  I started making a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt because I fell in love with Cathy's blocks when she started hers.
At first I was just going to make one block, to try out the pattern.  That plan lasted about 5 minutes.
Then I figured I'd make 4 blocks for a nice wall quilt or table topper.  Yeah, another failed plan.
Well, nine blocks would make a nice baby quilt.  But I blew right past nine and headed for twelve.
But twelve was totally going to be IT,  3x4, nice lap quilt, done now, no, really.
When I hit sixteen, I was definitely done done done, I'm so done, no more blocks, nice big square couch quilt, no more blocks.
Yeah, right.
Number seventeen happened the other day.

Followed by number eighteen...

And number nineteen is all cut out and ready to go.

And number twenty - fabric pulled, and starting to cut the bits.

I swear on a stack of Quilter's Newsletters that I'm going to stop at twenty blocks.  That's a full-sized big honkin' quilt.  I'm now up to my earlobes in full-size quilt tops.  (Note to my kids - if you see one of my quilts that you really really want, speak up and if I ever finish it, it's yours!)

And look - I really do have to stop now.  Burgoyne is currently also trying to surround Ringo Lake.

If I make any more blocks, it's going to ooze over this whole side of the state...

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Paltry rainbow bits

I didn't get much chance to sew this week, and no time at all for RSC's February color, even though purple (purple!) is one of my favorite colors.  (Yes, you caught me.  I have a lot of favorite colors.  (Orange!)  But isn't life just nicer when you have a lot of favorites?)

I did manage to get one block more done for January, though,

before I started folding light blues and putting them away.  (No really.  Imagine me folding and putting away.  I know, right?)

See?  Folding and stacking as I finish with each one.

Mostly because my fabric shelves are looking like this and I was starting to worry about being injured in an avalanche...

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Maybe I need a minder...

I've discovered something about laying out Burgoyne Surrounded blocks.

It makes me want to make more. 

I grabbed my rotary cutter and some nearby fabric.

By late afternoon, I had one of those two almost completely stitched together.

Looks like it's going to be a bigger quilt than I thought.

Or maybe the first of two?


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Scrappy is as scrappy does

In non-rainbow news, I'm still puttering with a couple of works in progress.

On Ringo Lake is serving as my leader/ender for the moment.

This means that components for it are stacking up, with the occasional finished block, but it also means no progress is being made on my real leader/ender projects - like the 4-patches I've been making for years, or the hourglasses I started year before last, or the checkerboard rails that I started last summer.
(Hmm...  I seem to have a whole lot of leader/endering going on.  I should probably make a push on one or the other of these projects, but in that case I'd probably just start another leader/ender to work on while I finish those blocks, so maybe I should just leave it alone and see what happens...)

One of the things I want to really move along is my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt.  I've started laying out blocks with sashings and cornerstones, but I have to work on it in short bursts.  Despite the carpet on my design floor, there's only so much these bony old knees can take before they start getting grumpy.  Grumpy knees are not easily placated.

Me and my grumpy knees are headed over to Cynthia's Quilting is more Fun than Housework for some Oh Scrap fun.  Come on along and see what everyone's up to!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Late breaking rainbows!

January has been a bit more interesting a month than I could have wanted, but here we all are.  I finally managed to squeeze in a sewing day, hoping to get a bit of light blue rainbow sewing done, since this is the last Saturday of the month.

So, something old, something new, nothing borrowed, but all is blue!

First up, the old blocks, starting with Centennial Star.  It had been so long since I'd made one of these that I had to pull the instruction sheet out and have a look.  (Luckily, I had tucked it into the Centennial bin with the finished star blocks.) 

Each time I make one of these, I'm reminded how much I love them, but I seem to forget in the interim between blocks.  This one makes number twenty-two, so I still need lots for a quilt.  I think I first started making them last year, so they're only a once-rolled-over RSC project.

My Jacks blocks, on the other hand, are twice-rolled-over.   I started them in 2016, continued last year, and will keep right on chugging this year.

I counted these blocks, too, and found that I only have twenty.  Since they, like the Centennial stars, are only 6" blocks, I can make lots and lots more.

And, because I hadn't started a new project yet this week, I made one block for the RSC Squared Away SAL.   (The background isn't quite as blue as the photo makes it look, btw.  My camera insisted that the bluer the better, and I couldn't convince it otherwise...)

I'm not committing to Squared Away as a full-tilt project, but I enjoyed making this little blue beauty, so I'm in until I'm not.  This is the middle size of the three options offered.  I almost went for the 5" size (and might yet anyway), but I have tons of 2" strips and squares on hand, so this size seemed an easy way to go. 

So, since I finally have some rainbow scrap news to report, I'm linking with Angela at SoScrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday.  Come see all the rainbow fun!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Putt-putting along on Ringo Lake

Progress is slow but steady -

Meanwhile, on another part of the design floor -

I think I'm going to have to take up Ringo so I have room to lay out Burgoyne, since I'm giving a higher priority to Burgoyne and I'm not going to be able to make the design floor any bigger...

While I was playing around with the construction of that block I showed yesterday (before it dawned on me why it was kicking my butt),  I thought that center area could be interesting all by itself.

Like maybe as a strippy quilt?

Or possibly a sashing or border?

More play is definitely called for.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Of course I'm not starting a new RSC project!

You believe that, right?  Right?
Yeah.  I started another RSC project, despite the fact that I'm rolling over all of last year's projects.  (Some of which were rolled over from the year before, but we're not going to talk about that right now.)  (Or maybe ever...)
See, I spotted this really cool pattern and couldn't resist taking it for a test drive.

That was actually the second attempt at the test drive.  There was rather a bumpy start.
See the partial block on the left in the photo below?

I'd cut all the pieces according to the directions, but when I started assembling them, nothing was fitting.  I kept recutting, sewing, then discovering I had to recut for the next section as well.  Even I get suspicious after a certain point.
I finally figured out the problem.

Those squares that are the starting point for the block?  The directions say to cut them at 2.5", which clearly wasn't working - as soon as I cut them at 2" instead, everything fit together nicely.  And I ended up with the size block I wanted, too, for the bonus.
I made the test block last month, but luckily it's in blues, so I can totally count January as covered.  Unless, of course, I get tired of sewing On Ringo Lake and Burgoyne Surrounded and need a palate cleanser.
And there are all those other bins of RSC blocks that I should probably check.  It's a pretty good bet that I could use a few more blues.

Linking with SoScrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday.  Come see all the rainbow fun!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Finally a sewing day, and I spent it at Ringo Lake

Today was warm enough that I finally felt like venturing out to go to my studio.  (Yay for double-digit temperatures!)  (Well, double-digit in the positive range, anyway, as opposed to the negative.)  (Tired of those double negatives, I tell ya!)
Bonnie's rapid-fire release of clues at the end of the year caught me completely flat-footed.  I still have a lot of components to sew, but I got a block sewn together today, and laid out the corner to see how it was going to work.

I'm going to like it!

I've been admiring everyone's efforts at the last linky party at Bonnie's house
Some people already have completed tops, or even completed quilts. 
I have a block.
I'm going to need another sewing day...