Saturday, June 16, 2018

Awash in a sea of turquoise

I've been spending a lot of quality time with Storm at Sea, or rather (due to the color scheme) Sea of Tranquility, so I've got a whole lotta aqua goin' on.  That puts me in the 'accidental' category for RSC, I think, but I'm totally taking it.

I laid out the flannel sheet that I'm now using as a design wall/floor, then began to play with blocks.
First - the corner that I've already sewn together (because I couldn't wait another moment to start assembling this thing!)

I'd already roughly sorted the blocks into dark, medium, and light, with the intent of putting the darkest ones around the edges and the lightest in the center.  So, here goes with the corners -

and then working toward the middle -

and filling in the in-betweens.

There are a bunch of bits in the center that aren't quite as yellow as they look in the photo, but I'm pulling them anyway as they're just a little too limey to make me happy.   This means I have to make more bits, mostly in a lighter range of the blues, greens, and teals/aquas/turquoises that I'm using for this quilt.

Some of these might not make the cut either, and in any case I'm going to end up with a bunch of block bits left over, so I think another Storm at Sea is in my future.  (Smaller this time, though, and with lots more color!)
Still more components to assemble, lined up here in the general chaos of Totally Demented bits.

Because I am all about the demented, lately!

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

test... test... one, two, 2048...

I'm using a Chromebook and trying to learn it on the fly.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I've successfully transferred the images from my camera to the computer, and that I'll be able to then post the pictures here.

Did it work?  Did it work?


Alrighty then.

I'm off on a visit to my daughter's house, and have dragged along as much of my stash as I could fit in their car.  Sea of Tranquility is standing by to be laid out (there's a really big floor here where the layout will be easy!) and I packed up Totally Demented for the trip.  Checkerboard Rails is in one of my bags, along with a few things for several bag-making projects I've got planned.

Cathy posted about her triangles for her version of Garden Mosaic, (which I'm calling Totally Demented, because seriously, go look at that thing) and she's being very organized and counting her triangles and everything.  (And Sally T is being even more organized - go see!)
Me, I'm just making heaps and heaps of triangles without counting them, because I think I might get discouraged if I ever stopped to calculate how many more I needed.  There's absolutely no down side to having gazillions of triangles, so why worry?
I've been making quite a few of these HSTs with 2.5" squares, as you can see in the photo above.  I have tons of 2.5" strips already on hand, and can augment my supply of squares really easily.  Bonus is that I get two HSTs per square,

so with a little trimming up, I feel like I'm zooming along.

Here's a look at my progress so far:

I've got a bunch of 2" squares with me, ready to assemble a block or two when I feel like I've got a confident number of triangles.  Little by little...

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Just a hint of pink

Well, some pink happened this week, but I have to confess that half of it was accidental.  One of the things I forgot to mention in my last post was that I'd unearthed the cut pieces to make a pink Jacks block.  No idea when I cut this out - probably the last time pink rolled around in the RSC.

It only took a minute to sew it up, so I did.
Then when Angela announced that pink was the color for May, I cheered!  I don't often get a chance to be ahead of the game!

This pinwheel block was purposeful, though.

Now I'll have to pull out the pinwheels bin and figure out how many pink ones I have.  Or how many pinwheels I have total, for that matter.  I've been making them for a good long while, and I have no idea how many have accumulated.

I found what I think is the perfect fabric for the setting triangles for Sea of Tranquility.  Just a few of the blocks to see if I was right.

Oh, my, yes.  That's the one!
This is going to take a whole lot of crawling around to get it all laid out, so I'm procrastinating for a bit before starting it.  My aim is to put the lightest blocks in the center of the quilt, and have them get progressively darker as they get closer to the edges, so that it will appear to glow.  Like I said, it's going to take a whole lot of crawling...

One of today's projects was to cut up these mistakes from On Ringo Lake.  Apparently I'd gotten a bad case of brain farts while cutting out those diamonds and intermittently (though repeatedly) cut them too short.  Naturally I didn't notice until I was trying to make them fit with the other Ringo bits.  You know, the well-behaved bits that do what they're supposed to do and fit where they're supposed to fit.
Luckily, I could get perfect HSTs for Totally Demented out of the mistakes, so it's not all bad.

I still did some grumbling though.

So, while I'm waiting for the energy to lay out SofT, I keep a stack of bits for Checkerboard Rails near at hand as I'm chugging along on triangles for Totally Demented.  (Sometimes a nice mindless straight seam is a lovely break!)

In the spirit of curiosity, I laid out the blocks I've gotten assembled so far.  I've been making them in pairs as I go along, to help me keep the block counts even.  (Already stepped into the block trap once.  Trying not to repeat myself.)

Looking pretty spiffy, but Bonnie Hunter set hers on point and I'd promised myself that I'd give it a shot myself when the time came.

Oh!  So much better!  Guess how I'm going to set it?

Of course, that brings up the problem of how to fill in those triangular edges.  Bonnie ended up slashing blocks on the edges, but I was hoping to avoid that.

I cobbled up a square of strips without the checkerboards and folded it in half to see how it would look.  (And yes, that's my foot.  It's been a long time since one of my feet has sneaked into a shot.)

I decided to mull it over a bit, then stepped back and saw what my real problem was going to be.
Take another look at the next to the last photo.  Compare the corner at upper left with the corner at upper right.
Left corner has one block, right corner has two.  I fiddled around and folded and fumed for a bit, trying to work out the easiest way to resolve the corners without sacrificing any of those lovely checkerboard lightning bolts.  I really really really want complete streaks of lightning running from top to bottom.
I finally decided that this was the best I was going to get.  I laid some fabric down the edges, right at the tips of the checkerboard points to make sure I could live with it.

It'll do.  I'll fill in the edges with setting triangles cut from strip sets and it will be a happy scrappy quilt.

Carrying on in my little chaotic corner,

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jax and Buckeyes and Demented Rails - it's getting a little chaotic here...

This week I managed to make another Centennial star and another Jacks, bringing the April total of each to three.

Then I even managed a couple of Buckeyes, which means I think my total April output may be better than March.

Meanwhile, I was also steadily stitching away my triangles for Totally Demented, and even doing a bit of leader/ender sewing for Checkerboard Rails.

That's the view just to the left of my sewing machine - checkerboards on the left and demented triangles on the right.  So far I'm keeping them straight and not sewing the wrong bits to each other, but no guarantees.

I got curious about what the blocks are going to look like, so I started playing.

The pattern is here, and looking closely, there are four blocks in each quadrant, so I laid out enough bits to see what the center of the quadrant was going to look like where those four come together.

I'm starting to vaguely wonder if working on those quadrants simultaneously might be a good plan.  If I build each out from the center, I could theoretically bail out when I think the quilt is big enough (or when I just can't stand piecing another triangle...)

Yep, this is going to be fun!  As long as I don't think too hard about how many of those little blocks I'm going to need...

And now it's an Official Project -

the bin has been labeled.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

And the award for Procrastination goes to...

Me.  Definitely me.  I actually got a bit of sewing done, and remembered to take pictures, but lost steam before getting a post put together.

Hey, look!  Honest to goodness RSC blocks -

A couple of Jacks, and a couple of Centennials to add to my growing collections.

And I'm still drifting along on my Storm at Sea (aka Sea of Tranquility), with the end in sight.  I think I actually made too many of the largest squared block (and there's no down side to that), and I just lack a few of the diamonds.  I think I have enough of the smallest squared block, too, though I'm going to count carefully again to make sure.

Layout is next, and picking out what to use for setting triangles, since I'm 99% sure that I'm setting this on point.  (If I don't set it on point, I'll have to redo the layout and block count from scratch and there's no stinkin' way I'm falling for that...)

There were also some HSTs for Demented, but I didn't bother to take a photo, since one stack of HSTs looks remarkably like another.  You can use your imaginations, I'm sure.

Remember this quilt?  I've been slowly but surely hand-quilting it for all this time, with occasional help from my little buddy.

Turns out he really likes sleeping in that hoop.  I set it aside the other day when I finished the center portion of the quilt because it was too big for working on the borders.

 Look who's enjoying the imaginary cat nest.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

It seems like forever...

In the spirit of catching up -

Though I didn't get much done for March's RSC light green sewing, I'm trying to do better with April.  So far, all I've got is a block for Squared Away, but hey, I'll take it!

When I went to save that picture, I noticed that I only had photos of the January and February blocks for Squared Away - no March.  Now I'm trying to remember if I even made that block.  (March was one of those 'the days are just packed' months)  This is further complicated by the fact that the Jan and Feb ones have disappeared into some sort of safe place.  (You know, that "I'll just put these in a safe place" so you don't lose them?  Yeah, that one.)

I took a moment to play with Libby's Mystery - I'm way way behind on that one.  The reveal is really interesting, and I'm going to sit down with all my bits for some big fun.  She also gave us a really intriguing bonus block that I'm eyeing with great interest.

My big push right now is Sea of Tranquility for my granddaughter.  I'd done the math for the number of blocks I needed, both for a good-sized quilt and for a wimpy-chickenout-can-this-be-big-enough-please quilt.  Last time I counted, I was still quite short of the number of blocks that I needed for the wimpy one, and was feeling guilty about even considering settling for the smaller version.  That resulted in the project going back into its box while I chided myself.  It's really a struggle for me to work with a limited colorway - this Storm at Sea pattern I'm making is all just blues, greens, and blue-greens, and while it's probably good for my soul or something to work outside of my comfort zone (my comfort zone being the use-all-the-colors zone), it's damn hard.   And since there was no real deadline, I could just blow off my foot-dragging.
Periodically I've pulled out components and pieced more bits and stuffed them back into the box without counting.
I finally decided that my desire to make the quilt was stronger than my desire not to work with the limited colors, so I pulled it all out and started counting the blocks I had finished.

And woohoo!  I found that I'd pieced enough blocks that I'd blown right by the wimpy count and was just short of what I need for the size I actually want to make!  I spent a good part of today making more diamonds and squares, and enjoying the process again.
Next thing I know, I'll be crawling around on my design floor, laying out the blocks.
Dithering about setting triangles can't be far behind!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Finally catching up with the Mysterious Libby!

Finally got some sewing time to devote to Clue 4 for Libby's Mystery Quilt.  It was an easy clue - just some HSTs.   In moments I was done!

So then, of course, I had to play with these new toys a little.

And another just like it, only with values reversed.

How about two more?

Oh, and throw in some yellow while we're about it.

I didn't have time to add another color, but I plan to do that after the reveal.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the Mysterious Libby has in mind!

Company's coming, so I've been picking up stuff in the studio, so there's room to walk around.  And the great organization project continues, as I fold and stack.

My new rule is that if I touch a piece of fabric, I fold it neatly and add it to its proper stack when I'm done with it.  And I spend 15 minutes here and there just grabbing, folding, and adding to stacks, in between working on fun stuff.  Little by little, I'm going to get my rainbows in order.
I've already found some bits of favorite fabrics that I thought I'd used up.  It's like running into old friends!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mystery time - now with triangles!

I squeezed in a bit of time at the studio this afternoon, so I grabbed my Mystery bits and followed Clue 3.  Some rather large (to me, anyway, but I'm all about the small stuff) triangles were called for, and naturally I had to play with them.

Why, yes, I did add a third color.  I seem to be adding a color with each clue.  (I'm starting to wonder how many clues there will be...)

And since there are now bars and HSTs in play in this mystery, I fiddled about with both parts.

I'm looking forward to Friday and the next clue!  And trying to decide what color to add in next - Purple?  Orange?
Maybe both?

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

With just a touch of lime

Well, the RSC color for March is a springy limy green, so I dug up through my pile of green bits to see what I could come up.

First up is an Orts block.  (Go here for a link to the pattern and a peek at how I'm constructing these blocks.)

I keep having the best of intentions of making more than one of these blocks each month, but here it is March and I'm still at only one-per.  Though there's a fair bit of March left, so maybe it could happen.

Next up were my beloved Centennial stars.

I enjoy planning and making these blocks enough that I'm starting to stack up some 2 5/8" squares for the centers for future blocks.  (It's an awkward size, but apparently there's some magic math involved that I'm totally willing to accept.)  Any time I'm cutting a 3" strip for something, I lop off a 2 5/8" piece and square it up.  I'm a firm believer in multitasking when I've got a rotary cutter in hand.

Speaking of multitasking - I'm slowly but surely piling up bits for Totally Demented.  My supply of 2.5" squares is being raided for sewing triangles, plus I'm cutting more 2" HSTs to add to the ones I'd already been stockpiling for my flying geese blocks.

Those poor flying geese - I've been dreaming of a flying geese strippy quilt for the longest time, but I keep cannibalizing the parts for other projects.  Most of my finished geese blocks ended up in my Gwennie medallion quilts, so I made some more.  But most of those got sucked into Long Time Gone (aka Are We There Yet), so I had to start over again.  Now my triangles are getting drafted into yet another side project.

Someday my geese will come, but it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A little bit of mystery

With a free afternoon and no snow falling, I finally caught up with Libby's Mystery today.
It was an easy clue she gave us - just sew the rectangles together.
So I did.

And then, I had to play with them, of course.

And then, since I've never been one to leave well enough alone, I cut out some more pieces from another color.

And then I had even more things to play with.

Meanwhile, I was working on this.

Which, to my joy, became this -

Burgoyne is officially Surrounded.  I sincerely love this quilt (it looks even better in real life!), and I'm so grateful to Cathy for making hers and inspiring me to make my own.

Now I just need to think about a border.  I definitely want to run some neutrals around the outside edge, in order to float the whole thing.  It's just a question of if I want anything else.  You just know I want to make some fun fantastic pieced border that will be way more complicated than necessary, because that's what I do.
We'll see if I can restrain myself...

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