Sunday, December 9, 2018

Scrappy Fortunes

One of the best things about Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt is that it gives me something to show at this time of year.  I'm up to my armpits in super secret gifty bits, but at least I have some pictures to share as I putter along with Good Fortune.

First, though, here's some greens I couldn't resist when my sister-in-law and I visited our favorite quilt shop for their semi-annual big sale.

(Zucchini!  Who could pass up fabric with zucchini?!?)

So, I got a start on Clue #3 for Good Fortune.  These chevron units seem to be a favorite of Bonnie's - she includes them in a lot of her quilts.

And into the bin they go.

I'm continuing to make all three units, squeezed in between my other projects.

Though there have been some boo-boos.
I took a closer look at this HST I'd made.  Something wasn't right.

Flipping it over, I found that I'd sewn the light triangle in backwards.  So I grabbed the seam ripper, separated the triangles, and re-sewed them.

 And damned if I didn't make the same mistake again...

At that point I gave up and just left it.  It sort of looks like just a very pale print and it's not like anyone will ever notice it but me.  Scrappy is as scrappy does, right?

And bless our Bonnie for her tutorial on mass-producing triangles with the folded corners ruler.  I tested it out, making some triangles in the size I'm using for Totally Demented.

I had no idea that the ruler could be used for this - I'd gotten it for another purpose altogether.  Bonus!
I've been playing with every possible way to make HSTs, since I need so many of them.  Even after I finish Totally Demented, I have other quilts planned that need kabillions more. (Tree of Life, anyone?)

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Every time I count these blocks, there seem to be fewer - so I'm going to stop

Counting them that is.

 My math said there should be 101 there, but when I counted them I only came up with 100.  So I counted them again just to be sure and that time I got 99.  I'm going to quit counting while I'm ahead.  Or at least before I get any further behind.  I'll keep working on them, since I still need about another kabillion for Good Fortune's first clue.

And as a plus, my red bin is getting refilled since I'm cutting strips in several sizes, as long as I've got fabric spread out on the cutting table.

And I'm even cutting for clue #2 - the blue HSTs.

Oh, and these other triangles, too.

Not that I'm starting a new project.

Because I'm totally not doing that.

I'm also not auditioning background fabrics.

Absolutely not.  No new projects here.

Just Good Fortune.  Totally concentrating on Good Fortune.


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Also linking to Bonnie's Quiltville for the Monday Good Fortune linkup!  I'm going to continue to sew my bits for clue#1 and clue#2, and hopefully get further along before clue#3 comes out on Friday.  (Already looking forward to it!)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Squared Away is getting (slowly) (but surely) squared away

My method for making Squared Away blocks this year was to make one of each every month, then decide at the end of the year which ones to make more of.

Since the blue block (September) wasn't as symmetrical as the others, I figured that if I made four of them and put them in the corners, everything would balance out.  I got two of them made, then stalled when I got side-tracked with finishing Long Time Gone and On Ringo Lake.

So, getting back to work, I cut some pieces,

and taped a model block to the wall so I wouldn't get confused,

and made a third block (pretend you don't notice that I lost one of the light squares and had to replace it with a almost-close-enough square since I couldn't locate any more of that particular fabric)

and then a fourth one.

They made wonderful leader/enders as I continued to pursue some holiday sewing.

Somebody's getting a new lunchbag for Christmas!

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Starting Good Fortune

As soon as Bonnie Hunter announced the colors for Good Fortune, I started pulling fabrics and stacking them in a shallow box.

I shoulda started with a bigger box...

Since I was perilously low on strips (Totally Demented has been using all my 2" and 2.5" strips, and I haven't been diligent about replacing the 1.5" strips that got sucked up by Checkerboard Rails), I squeezed in a little cutting when I needed a break from that flurry of machine-quilting I just went through.
Of course, I started with orange, then went through some blues and greens, but I hadn't replenished the reds yet.

So naturally, the first clue involves reds.
I grabbed some of my neutral strips (I try to always have plenty on hand!) 

and quickly cut a few reds and voila!

Clue #1 has a small start!

Since I had finished On Ringo Lake only moments before, I no longer needed the Ringo bin.  Here are my leftovers -

which resulted from wimping out sensibly deciding not to make the full sized quilt.  No worries!  Having nine patches and flying geese on hand is always a blessing, and I can recycle those diamond blocks right into my HSTs for Demented. 

That left me a bin to put my Good Fortune blocks into.  Yay!

Though they look a little lonely all by themselves in that great big bin.  I'll be making a few (hundred) more over the course of this week.  Already looking forward to the next clue!

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Tale of Two Finishes

That's right - I finished TWO quilts this month.  That's a new personal best - I typically don't finish two quilts in a YEAR!
Y'all knew I was pushing to finish On Ringo Lake - last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, but I had another quilt in motion, too.  I had to wait to brag on tell you about it until after it had been presented.

Long Time Gone!

I had wanted to give it to my youngest daughter (the one who convinced me how wonderful a color orange is) for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait.  Nothing wrong with an early gift, right?
(And now as I look at that quilt, I have a crazy yen to make another one.  Such a lot of fun!)

We had planned to take photos this afternoon, before she headed out for home, but we hadn't planned on the rain.  So here we are squeezed up on the porch (my other daughter is hiding behind the quilt) trying to get a pic or two without getting wet.

Here's On Ringo Lake being unfurled -

and here it is all bound, sealed and delivered.

The last stitch of the binding went in this morning so I could give it to my stepmom for her birthday.

Two finishes means I can start four new quilts, right?

One will be started tomorrow for sure.  Easy peasy four-patches for Good Fortune are on the agenda.
Now what three other projects can I choose?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Gobble gobble!

Have a happy turkey day!

(I'm halfway around hand-sewing the binding down on On Ringo Lake!  Good Fortune here I come!)

Monday, November 19, 2018


Got On Ringo Lake quilted and trimmed?


Got a mountain of binding pieced and ready to trim and press?


So close to a finish on On Ringo Lake that I can practically taste it. 

Bring on the next mystery, Bonnie!  I'm ready for a healthy dose of Good Fortune!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It's almost like y'all know me

Yeah, I tried the orange.

I'm still going to try lime green, but it looks like it's now a tossup between the yellow and the orange.

Which do you suppose will win?

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Tale of Two Dots

I'm on a roll with borders lately.  Since I'm using a multi-colored dots on black background for my setting blocks for Squared Away, I jumped on this giant dots print for the outer borders the moment I saw it.

Now I've got big dots and little dots!  I'm really enjoying the contrast between all those squared blocks and all those circles in the setting blocks and borders.

Naturally I had to make a mock-up.  First I tested a narrow stop border in red,

then blue,

and then a yellow one.

I tried out pink, but disliked it enough that I didn't even bother taking a picture.  I might give lime green a test before I make a final decision. 

While I was fiddling about with the blocks, I tried out setting them with sashing and cornerstones that continued the Irish chain alternate blocks.

Naw.  I think I like the right-up-against-each-other look better.

I don't know when I'll get it to flimsy stage.  There are a couple of big projects in the pipeline ahead of this one, so I don't know exactly when I'll get it put together.  (Maybe I should plan to give it as a gift - that usually motivates me to finish things...)

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Ready for Good Fortune!

Ringo's borders on?  Check!

 I found the most perfect batik and WHOOSH!

All flimsied!
It's even next in line to be quilted.  Expect a real finish soon!

And now back to the gifty work - so many things in motion and I can't share ANY of them...  

Hopefully I'll at least remember to take pictures this time.  Hopefully.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

She had me at orange...

This morning, Bonnie Hunter posted the colors for this year's mystery quilt and it's not a mystery that I'll participate.  The color with the largest fabric requirement is ORANGE, so I am so so so in!
And who couldn't use a bit more Good Fortune?

Of course, that meant that I spent the afternoon madly sewing On Ringo Lake chunks together so I could start Good Fortune with a happy heart.  (And a clear conscience...)

Success!  All those blocks and sashy bits are now assembled!
I still need to put the corner triangles on and since I can never leave well enough alone, I'm going to add a 2" border of scrappy brown strips all around.  And maybe another turquoise border on after that.  Maybe.  (I didn't say I was done dithering, just that I'd gotten the blocks sewn together.  It's my success and I can define it any way I want)

Good Fortune, here I come!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

UFOs trying to be WIPs

I've been watching my friend Chantal diligently working on her Challenge 365 quilt blocks and envying her progress.
It finally dawned on me that I'd be making progress, too, if I got off my derriere and actually worked on my blocks...
Wading back through photos and blog posts, I decided that the last block I had made was for May 30.  One more block finished May -

and then I started June in motion.

I'm making this quilt in blues, reds, and browns only - a definite departure from my usual color scheme of chaotic rainbows.   I'm trying to decide if this exercise in control is character-developing or crazy-making.  (I keep having to spat my own hand when I reach for the oranges and purples.)

And another semi-long-lost project called for some attention, too.  On Ringo Lake (last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt) was last seen back in February, duking it out with Burgoyne Surrounded.

Burgoyne kicked Ringo's butt and Ringo ended up rolled up in a ball and abandoned set aside.  Burgoyne is now a flimsy (sort of - it still lacks a border) (but I have a plan!) and now Ringo is clamoring for a turn.  Fair's fair, after all.
So I've pulled out the bin of component parts that I stitched up last winter and now I'm figuring how many blocks I want to put together.
With the next mystery getting close to starting, I'd feel a lot better if I got this quilt at least to flimsy stage. 
Even if it's just a lap quilt.  Finished is finished, right?

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

October is squaring up (and away)

I finally got one of September's Squared Away blocks done.

I'm still eyeing it, though, since it's not as symmetrical as the other blocks in this sampler.  Though it occurs to me that I could make four of them and use them in the corners, which would solve the problem neatly.
Ever since I started this sampler way back in January, I had it in the back of my mind to use a Single Irish Chain to set it with.  This week, I gave it a test, whipping up four quick chain blocks.

I think it's going to work!

I've also noticed that I have an inexplicable urge to finish my Centennial Stars.  (It's particularly inexplicable given how seldom I actually finish a quilt...)

A sale on batiks got some auditioning-for-alternate-blocks going.

A dotsy butterfly -

A flashy swirly one that contains every color in the blocks -

And this colorful dotted wonder that makes my stars look like they're bursting out of a night sky.

It's going to be a tough decision, but I think I'm leaning toward that last one.  Well, at least at this particular moment as I'm typing this.  It's hard to pass up a good dither.

Time to count the stars again, so I can decide how many more I need.

Any excuse to make more stars...

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