Monday, November 30, 2015

Whew! The end of NaBloPoMo!

I did it!  A post every day for the entire month, whether I thought I had anything to say or not.  I will admit it makes you mindful of what you're doing all day.  "Is this interesting?  Interesting enough to post about?  No?  Crap..."  And it does make me remember to take a camera with me wherever I go, in hopes that something will come along better to photograph than my foot.  (Oh, wait.  I did use a picture of my foot...)  (Nevermind)
What did I get for all those posts?  Nada.

Though I gave myself this fabulous Golden Piglet Award, which would be quite coveted if anybody knew about it.

He says he's related to some piglets that showed up at Sally's house the other day.

And now I'm laughing my butt off, because when I went to go get that link, I found that she's now got a tutorial posted. 
My next piglets are going to go a whole lot more smoothly.  What a difference knowing what I'm doing will make!!


Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I have a note to draw up this block so now I don't have to!

Golden Piglet Award....Too funny!

Sally T said...

Well that's definitely a corn-fed piglet! I kind of like your construction can be assembled as either columns or rows.

Vireya said...

Love the golden piglet award!

Chantal L. said...

First congratulations on achieving your personal goal of posting every day!! YEAH!
Second, if you got nada for posting every day, I got a chuckle or two every day of the boring November. I love the way you write AND what you write about. Thanks! You definitively do deserve this golden award. Such a darling one with that!! I love it. You did an excellent job. One can't tell you had no pattern. Thanks for the link. As each award giving celebration has a cake, ... enjoy!! ;^)

kmkat said...

Go, you! A whole month!

Laurie said...

Piglets. Better than that dumb thing everyone downloads to their blog except me. (Too lazy to figure it out.)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Congrats - nothing beats the gold piglet award!

Cathy said...

Iowa is a big pork producing I think you need to send your piggies to Iowa!