Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Holy pork butts, Batman!

Several people had expressed interest in seeing all the piglets gathered together in one place, and I have to admit I was curious, myself.
When I started doing these sweet little blocks for the RSC (and thanks, Sally T, for the fabulous pattern!!!), I figured I'd make a couple of blocks each month and end up with a nice lap quilt for my dad for Christmas.  Something to cuddle up with while he's reading in his recliner next to the woodstove on a cold winter day.  Maybe 6x8 blocks, for a total of 48.  That seemed doable.

My calculations may have been a wee bit off.

I couldn't get them all into one picture, so I tightened up the layout and made it seven blocks wide instead of six.

Still couldn't catch them all, even standing on a chair.

I've already got 59 blocks, and it's only July...

It was definitely fun laying them out, because it let me get a look at all my favorites again.

And hard as it may be to believe, each and every one of them is my favorite.

I can't wait to see what color we get for August!  Looks like Dad is getting  a full sized quilt instead of a lap quilt...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm starting to feel rather empty-handed

I know I spent plenty of time in my studio this week, but I have precious little to show for it.  Of course, given how hot it's been lately, a lot of that time was spent sweating and drinking copious amounts of ice water, and then sweating some more.  I'm currently dreaming of a sewing machine that could be operated while reclining in a lounge chair out on the deck.  Surely someone could invent that, right?

I did get all the blocks sewn together for Allietare, and pieced enough 1.5" strips of gold to make up the first border.  I then folded it all up together and stuck it into my box of tops-to-be-finished-later.  (It's now keeping my RSC2015 Ohio stars company.  I'm sure they'll get along fine.)

And I got a bunch more pieces cut for Storm at Sea, and even got a few more bits assembled, but since they look just like the bits I showed before,

it doesn't look like much of an accomplishment.

I finally made a few blocks for the 365 Challenge, but either I forgot to photograph them or the camera is hiding them from me.  I'm fully two months behind with that project at this point, but I long ago gave up any pretense of catching up.  I'm going to just trundle along at my own pace, content to be left in the dust.

The second of my Gwennie Medallions is now also finished, unless I change my mind between now and the big reveal, and add some more.  I'm teetering between "It's just right the way it is" and "Maybe it would be better if I did this one more thing", and it's a toss-up which side I'll land on.  But, hey, you know how much I like a good dither.

And I finished up a super-secret project that's going to my grandson for his birthday, but since I haven't given it to him yet, I'm only going to offer a glimpse here.

It really seems like he should get first look, ya know?

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

(S)lacking in Pink

My small supplies of hot pink scraps are leaving me looking like a real slacker when it comes to the RSC this week.  And one more pink week to go?  Oh, dear...
I made these wee ships

for my Rainbow Regatta, but that's all I've got to show for this week.  There were other projects, but none of them were in the pink.

Ah, well.  Linking to So Scrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday - come see what all the other folk are doing for pink fun!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Courtlogs and Quartlogs

Well, that's what I've named my last couple of pictures, anyway.
I really wish the Log Cabin Loonies and the Gwennie Medallion QAL were more synchronized in timing, so I could share all my log cabin lovelies, since I'm making blocks that qualify for both.  But it's loony time, and I want to save my medallions' big reveals for next month, so I can only give you a peek.
I made courthouse steps blocks for one -

and quarter log cabins for the other.

I've lost track of how many log cabin quilts I've made over the years - it was my go-to wedding gift for quite a while - but I'd never done courthouse steps or quarter logs before, so this has been fun!

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pulling it together

My sister-in-law, my cousin, and I got together a couple of days ago to (finally) assemble the blocks for our town fundraiser quilt.

The three of us had fun arranging and rearranging these blocks on the design wall.  Trying to balance colors, value, and pattern made for an interesting puzzle.  It was especially fun considering that in order to reach the blocks on the top row, one of us would have to climb up on a table.  Unsurprisingly, the top row was the first one we agreed was perfect the way it was...

The blocks were made by many different contributors, at many different levels of experience, so it was a bit of a surprise that they were close enough to target size that they went together easily.  

Sashing was on, and the borders were cut and ready to attach when I had to head out.

It's now on its way to the quilter and will be ready to be raffled.  Hurray!

Meanwhile, this afternoon I cheered over this:

All the Allietare blocks are now together, and I've already got some strips cut and ready for the inner border, and some fabric set aside for the outer border.  Another hurray!  Close enough to done!

And these little monkeys kept hooting at me that I hadn't taken their picture yet.  I tried to tell them that I was pretty sure that I had, but they said nope nope nope, take one now now now.

So I did.  Can't argue with monkeys.
Well, you can, but they just ignore you.  And swing from the ceiling fan while they do it...

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

In the Pink

The hot pink continues in this hot hot July.  Though I still don't own a lot of pinks, I managed to use what I do have in a few kaleidoscope blocks.

I'm really enjoying Angela's use of an accent color this year - it adds to the fun each month having two colors to play with.  (Though I don't really seem to have a lot of lime greens, either...)
My pinwheels didn't fare as well as the kaleidoscopes, though.  Only one block to show so far.

And one Jacks block.

But of course there's another pig.  Because there'll always be another pig.

This one's name is Splat.  She's artistic, she assures me.

Since I'm unable to restrain myself in the matter of starting new quilts, I thought that making a push to finish some of the already-in-progress quilts might make me feel better.  I'd been making Allietare blocks as occasional leader/ender blocks, and knew I was close to the bottom of the bin of pre-made components for these block.  I pulled out everything and laid them out.  One big push finished the last few blocks and setting triangles left to do, and now I've got everything I need for final assembly.  Some of the blocks (the upper right corner) are already joined and pressed, and now I just have to decide if I want to finish it now, or hide set it aside for later. 

In the meantime, the bin that held all the Allietare parts is now empty.  Hurray!

So that means I can start another quilt, right?  What with the empty bin and all...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You little hoop popper, you!

I set my hooped quilt down for a bit while I answered a call of nature.

I came back to this:

Considering there were three threaded needles parked in it, it's a wonder he didn't stab himself...