Saturday, January 9, 2016

I'm afraid my Word of the Year might be 'Chaos'...

So many people are sharing their Word of the Year -I've seen 'Momentum' and 'Release', 'Patience' and 'Mindful'.  Wonderful words, all of them.
But I'm thinking if I had to pick one (or if one picked me), it might be 'Chaos'.  Or possibly 'Oops..'
I've got a lot of irons in the fire at the moment.  And some of those irons are downright shiny.

There's the Twinkle Stars quilt, Allietare, the Piglets, and Chantal's Pinwheels, all of which would be fun to work on full-time.
Kaleidoscopes, Whatchacallit Stars, and the four other blocks I want to do for RSC.  I even remembered the other day that I'd wanted to do Snail's Trails as well.
And I've got a Storm at Sea I want to launch, and that triangle star quilt.
Oh, and the Silly Monkeys - can't forget the Silly Monkeys.

Hmmm...  I think I'm going to need a plan.

One of the things I'm trying to do is to pay attention when I'm cutting, and combine steps, or at least plan ahead.

These stars (I'm calling them Whatchacallit stars until I figure out their names) use 2.5" strips, and I'm keeping a list of how long a strip is necessary for cutting all the parts out for each one.

And since I'm using just one fabric for all the backgrounds in these stars, I cut multiple strips of it and subcut lots of little triangles to have at hand  when I want to make blocks.

And since I'm cutting 2.5" strips anyway, I use some for a piglet (if I haven't already!), and I'll usually cut some HSTs for a monkey, and then I make a block that I hadn't planned on making, because you know, the ruler was right there in my hand and this block practically makes itself.

Every time I see one of these blocks, I like it more and more.  And seriously, six HSTs and 3 squares?  How easy is that?


Time now to reach for the kaleidoscope ruler.  I'm using 2" strips for these. (Since Allietare calls for 2" neutral strips, I've got lots to choose from - I cut a bunch of them!)

I measured for the kaleidoscope block and realized I can get a whole block from one 18" strip, and since I typically cut my strips from a fat quarter parallel to the selvage, this works perfectly.

Chantal's Pinwheel blocks also use 2" strips for the pinwheels, and 3.5" strips for the HSTs.  And as long as I'm cutting 3.5" strips, I cut a couple of squares for Quilty 365 while I'm at it.  (I have a traveling kit that goes everywhere with me, with all the goodies I need to stitch my fat little orange peels.)

Once the block is cut out, I stack the parts neatly, then keep them next to the sewing machine.  Using them for leader/enders lets me work on my main project (the Twinkles) (or, you know, the piglets...) and still get a block or two done for RSC.  Or I can just let the block distract me and sew it right up.  Whichever.  Oh, look, shiny!

 One thing I did with all this madness in mind was to invest in lots and lots of little plastic bins.

I think it's one of the smarter moves I've made.  8)

So, let's see.  I've got all those blocks going, plus I'm handquilting Katie's Star Patch, plus I want to get borders on Garden Party and machine quilt that, plus I'm doing Quilty 365 every day.
That ought to be enough to keep me busy.

Well, except for one more thing...

Did anyone else fall down this particular rabbithole?

There's a lovely Australian designer who's doing this 365 Challenge .  One block a day for the whole year.

How could this possibly go wrong?

Linking with Oh Scrap at Quilting is More Fun than Housework, because everything I do involves scraps!  And oh, look!  She says nice things about me!


Cathy said...

Variety is the spice of life and you must be one spicy mama! Yes, I think cutting for several projects is the key to making lots of blocks.

No, I'm not in that rabbit hole but was tempted. I resisted, Alice, er, I mean Gayle.

PaulaB quilts said...

What is happening to me. To all of us. I just finished an hour of ripping and working on just one block. To relax I commented to Cathy at at Sane, Crazy...and nearly had a heart attack from reading all she got done. NOW you have absolutely outdone her and I may have to call 911. Quilting is not for relaxing, that's for sure. I do like your tips for cutting lots at once, and of course the piggies. Keep up the good work!

Chantal said...

You definitively have an accute Startitis. Please seek help from your nearest fabric store lol. At this pace you will run out of fabric before the end of the year... as if!
Yours blocks are wonderful, love that plaid fabric. I put my cut up fabric for one project in cleaned and labeled margarine tubs. Otherwise one could go insane real fast in a sewing room. I think your word of the year should sound more like Order or Organised or chain work lol.
365 Challenge is soooooo awesome. I didn't know about it. It would take me 6 or 7 years to do something like that. So, 'Go for it Gayle', I want to see it done. :^D
♥ ;^)

Libby in TN said...

I think I need a nap ....

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Oh the fun you are having! Great idea cutting for lots of blocks at once. I too love to have prepped parts next to my sewing machine.

Thanks for sharing your "Chaos" with Oh Scrap! I can't believe you started the 365 Challenge. :P But if anyone can do all this, my money is on you!

scraphappy said...

I really don't see how anything could possibly go wrong! Looks like you've got it all worked out. Squirrel! Love them all. I did manage to resist the 365 Challenge, but not the circles, and so many great projects all in a row! Good luck with it all.

Vicki in MN said...

Holy cow girl you have lots of projects in the works, like I should talk! I had to go see what Silly Monkey was, LOL I want to do an elongated monkey quilt someday ;-) Seriously you have some wonderful blocks going on, LOVE!

Val's Creative Life said...

Oh are in good company! LOL!! Keep enjoying the process...I know I am. :)

Kimberly Smith said...

ROFLOLing! Yeah, I fell down that rabbit hole too - perfect description. New follower here who also has multiple irons in the fire all the time and has invested heavily in plastic bins.

SandraC said...

Ive just come across you after reading the post on "Quilting is more fun than housework". I'm going to have to follow your blog since you sound very much like me, with all the projects on the go! And, yes, I've started the 365 Challenge also, as well as That Town and Country quilt, which is a house block per day for the year!

Shasta Matova said...

LOL - I saw that 365 quilt too, and almost went down that rabbit hole! Out of chaos came the universe, and fun, and creativity. I think all this quilting is taking you to good places - lots and lots of good places. Have a great, chaotic year!

Ivani said...

lots of projects in the works.Good luck with them all. I'll be looking forward to see your progress.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Goodness, lots of yummy projects on the go here Gayle! I had wondered if I should try #onethingatatime this year, but, like you, I'm more inclined to have a few things happening all at once. You sound like you have a handle on all of them too, with lots of planning & cutting as you go! Enjoy!

kmkat said...

Chaos seems a good choice. Or perhaps abundance.

Edith said...

Yup, you certainly do have a lot of 'Irons in the Fire,' just love your little piggies. Great words, chaos and opps, I can identify.

ES said...

Sometimes it's invigorating to have lots of creative projects on the go! Woooh! You just can't get bored with anything :)

PeggyinNO said...

Wow! I almost needed to sit down with a cup of coffee to read this post!! I am pooped just reading it!!
You really do have some great projects started! This is my first time visiting your blog, but I will be back to check on your progress!