Monday, August 10, 2015

hydrangeas and hydrangeas

A couple of weeks ago, I received a handpainted hydrangea from my friend Lee Anna  because I'd commented on a post of hers a while back about one of her color experiments and we decided to do a collaboration. 

Because I'm a quilter, I want to cut it up and put it back together.  The question is, how?  I've got several ideas that vaguely involve circles and slashing, but I was having a hard time visualizing what I wanted until I saw this quilt at the Syracuse AQS show.

 I'm not planning to put this many segments in each arc (I don't want to lose the painting by cutting it too small) but this is close to what had been camping in my brain.

But then today I saw this quilt that Cathy posted.  And this quilt from QuiltDivaJulie.  And I'm wondering if I can find a way to incorporate that kind of movement and energy.

More thinking required.  Or dithering.  (Call it what you will.)  Until I reach the tipover point and just reach for my rotary cutter and start slashing.

Until then, I can also admire this other hydrangea - one that's currently blooming out by the garage.

That main flower cluster is about the size of my head.  It's easily the biggest one I've ever seen. 
Apparently it's an excellent year for hydrangeas!


Cathy said...

How weird to see my name in print! Those Dresdens look like my Zinnias! I've saw a scrappy Dresden made out of 30s prints that I loved similar to the ones you have featured.

My Hydrangeas never seem to bloom. Maybe too much shade or too many weeds. I'm jealous of yours. I really want some blue ones but need to add some acidy stuff to my soil.

Good luck on your Hydrangea journey! My Vintage Spin is just like making a Dresden but then you cut the circle into a square. Easy, peasy.

Anonymous said...

You have opened my eyes to how quilting could be an art form that even I -- who cannot draw -- might be able to do.

::curse you, I don't need another hobby::

LA Paylor said...

what a good idea... I like the idea of some kind of curve. Larger blades would keep the integrity. Or drunkards paths even.

LeeAnna, the friend, at not afraid of color

Rosa said...

Wow,those dresdens are just fantastic.Great job!

Sally Trude said...

My hydrangeas are smashing this year and I didn't know why. And here I was beginning to think they liked absolute neglect.