Sunday, November 8, 2015

Occasional knitting

I still knit, though quilting seems to have taken me quite firmly by the throat.  (As evidence of this, every single time I type the word 'quite', it comes out 'quilt' and I have to go back and fix it.  Including the 'quite' I just typed.  And that one, too.  *sigh*)
So, anyway.
When Craftsy ran their 'free pass for October' deal, I took advantage and became a total glutton for classes.  One of my favorites was brioche knitting.  I knit a hat last year at Christmas using brioche in the round, which was fun and not particularly fantastically horrifyingly hard.  (As long as I kept my wits about me, of course.  But what isn't that true of, when you get right down to it?)
But brioche in the round, even two color brioche in the round, is nowhere near as complicated as flat two color brioche.

It was going to be a scarf.  This is a month's work.
It's trying to kick my butt.  Not as bad as origami-butt-kicking, but still...
It's not going to be a scarf.  Maybe a potholder.
Yeah, that'll work.