Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blocks and more blocks

Nice productive afternoon today -

A twinkler (I'm trying to make at least one each time I sew),

 some green Ohio stars for my RSC quilt,

and a couple of blue ones while I was at it.

I fiddled for a while with my layout.

I'm getting downright grumpy that I can't catch that right-hand edge. (I took a ton of pictures with absolutely no luck whatsoever, so finally gave up.  I gotta get a design wall.  This design floor is only going to work if I can grow longer arms.  And longer feet to stand tiptoe on...)
As far as I can tell, I need only seven more blocks to call this quilt a wrap.
Now, shall I sash?  I'm thinking maybe a really narrow (like .75"-1") in scrappiness that echoes the backgrounds of the blocks - lights in the center with lightish cobblestones, and darks in the proper colors amongst the dark background blocks.  Maybe with even darker cobblestones?  Or neighboring color cobblestones?
Or should I just set them next to each other and call it a day?

As I promised yesterday, I did take a moment to hunt for monkeys.  I snagged these two as they were trying to hide under the couch.  If they hadn't started giggling, I never would have found them.

And, against all odds, I spent the entire afternoon playing with fabric and didn't make a single kaleidoscope block.
Yeah, I'm surprised, too.

Linking to So Scrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.   Go green!


Melissa said...

Glad to hear that you caught (at least briefly) those monkeys. Not being a quilter I don't really understand the dilemma with the RSC quilt. Sashes are to go around the quilt or the squares? And I'm in far left field on the rest of the options. It's going to be wonderful.

Magpie Sue said...

In general I don't care to fiddle with sashes and cornerstones. I'd be slapping these blocks right up against each other! Will adding sashing make the quilt a better size in any way? just something else to consider.

I'm almost afraid to ask (maybe I already have) but what size are the monkeys? I wonder whether your monkeys would like to play in/with your Ohio Stars?

scraphappy said...

Getting so close on the star blocks! It is always exciting near the end of the year to see so many beautiful quilt emerging.

Nell's Quilts said...

I can just feel the tension in the air as a finish looms near. Exciting!

Cathy said...

Anxious to see what you decide on that Ohio Star quilt. I can believe you caught up with a whole year of RSC in a couple of months.

Deb A said...

Glad those monkeys had to giggle. Hope they are back to playing with the others. I'd just go without sashing and sew them together. They look great by the way.

LA Paylor said...

Giggling monkeys!
Stars galore (my stage name).

katie z. said...

I too would skip the sashing, but that's my general preference.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You've got the makings of a BEAUTIFUL quilt there! Have fun with the finishing.

Sheila said...

Beautiful blocks! I'm sure it will look great with or without sashing.
I have a design floor, too. I understand the picture taking challenges.

Dasha said...

How would sashing between the rows look? Rather than around each block?
Love your little giggling monkeys. (giggle)