Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday is over. Bring on the beer.

Whenever I start to have hope for the human race, a day like this comes along. Wolves and warthogs would have been better behaved than the packs of so-called humans I saw today.
Attila the Hun could have ridden in with his horde and pillaged the store, and I guarantee less damage would have been done.
What gives people that kind of sense of entitlement? Who raised them? (My mother would have beaten me ragged if I'd ever shown even half that much disrespect for the store's property and other customers. And I would have deserved it.)
It was really hard to keep smiling when dealing with people who should have had some sense slapped into them.
(Wow - I'm not usually so violent. But after today - I swear I'm going to ask Madman for a cattle-prod for Christmas... )

/end rant


Laurie said...

You would not believe how they behave in clinic. We are the only country that fosters such idiocy. I think we are in the first stages of the fall of the Roman Empire. Substitute American for Roman.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Put your feet up, sip a glass of wine, and relax. At least this day comes only once a year (we won't mention the rest of the shopping season).

pacalaga said...

There's a reason I don't work retail. My blood pressure is up just thinking about SHOPPING today, and I can't imagine if I had to be on the other side of that mess.

Anna M said...

Other than grocery shopping this was my first day of winter hibernation. I'll come up for air in January.

I feel for you, I worked Christmas in a toy store once! Which might be part of the reason I'm child free.

sophanne said...

I didn't shop today. I've never worked in retail but if the horde-ing masses can cause such a rant from my chicken tending blog-friend then it must be quite vile. Take care.stable

sophanne said...

HA! My word verification was "stable." oops

Diane said...

You deserve combat pay. What is it with people anyway? Is this some kind of mutant hunter-gatherer instinct coming out? If so, we should have lost the gene years ago.

Bullwinkle said...

I'm another one - avoiding the entire season and stores in general. (Internet shopping will do just fine and most gifts will be a donation. (I say "most" because I'm sure there will be a few "needed" items.)