Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Flushed with success, I'll attempt another post

Okay, that last post worked, with pictures and everything.  I haven't figured out how to crop them or do any sort of adjustment, so you're getting raw from the camera, but at least there are pictures.  I don't imagine I could do a quilt block justice with just a verbal description.  ("Hey, look, red!  Oh, wait, you can't look.")

So now I'm ready to tackle the mysteries of my daughter's sewing machine.  It's an older Kenmore and is a good solid machine - no whacky whimmydiddles to confuse me as I tried to figure out things like 'Where's the Lever for the Presser Foot?' and 'How do You Set the Stitch Length?' 
I used the 365 Challenge March 28 block as a test piece.  (Getting way ahead of myself, but it was the easiest one in the stack.)

I figured out where the 1/4" seam allowance was accurate and set to work.

Another 365 block - this sweet little flower basket, which I really like.   Enough so that I had a crazy idea to make several of these blocks and make a small quilt.  Then I went and drank a glass of water and came to my senses.   Those are 1/2" HSTs, folks...

(Sorry the picture is sideways, but I haven't yet figured out how to rotate photos.  I'm still just happy that I can make them appear at all.)

And for a leader/ender while I was assembling that itsy basket, I made the last of the purple piglets for March.

Though it may not be the last purple piglet ever, since I also made another blue one in the January blue/purples, which implies that no color is really off the table.

(I'm going to have to ask where the iron is, so I can press these poor lumpy things...)

And you know how it is - where there are piglets,

could monkeys be far behind?


Libby in TN said...

Now you know what I was going through. Glad you came to your senses on that basket block.

Chantal said...

Congrats on finishing the littlest basket! It's awesome. Yes, a quilt of those little baskets would look fabulous but... BUT ... we do have a life somewhere else than the sewing room right? I can hardly believe the monkeys followed you south!! Love the pigs in the monkey block. Too cute. ;^)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Have I mentioned that i love that you're making pigs in both directions?

Sally Trude said...

Yay! You're posting! And continuing your magnificent breeding program.

kmkat said...

That first block really appeals to me. Slightly boring, I know, but there it is.