Thursday, April 14, 2016

Even March can come to an end

I was starting not to believe that, you know.  It seemed like March had 63 blocks  days blocks in it, though as I count back there really aren't quite that many.

March 27th was the next block in line from where I left off last time.  Mitered corners again.


I said 'Nope nope nope' and went with Y-seams instead.  Not that y-seams are any easier or faster;  it's just that they aren't mitered corners.  Similar, but not the same.
I changed up the cutting to reflect my newly minted miter avoidance and set to work.

 Phew.  Fully assembled and not a miter in sight.  (And that's another 6" block, by the way.  I wouldn't want you to be too impressed by my piecing skills...)

Next was the block for the 28th.  After finishing it, I though to myself that it seemed awfully familiar.


That was the block I jumped ahead to when I needed an easy one for making sure my seams were really 1/4" on my daughter's sewing machine.  So now I have two of them.  I can't see any possibility that this could be a bad thing.

For this block, I got the components sewed together and didn't really like what I had.

So I rotated all the 'geese' and ended up with this:

which I liked much better.

And there were the blocks for the 30 days of March.

Except March actually has 31 days.
So I scrambled to make that last 3" block.

And hurray hurray!  I'm done with March.

My leader/ender block for all those little whatsits was this green plaid fellow that I'd kitted up to bring along, thinking Angela might pick green or pink for April's color.  Nice springy colors, both, right?

I never saw orange coming somehow.
But I sure am happy to play with it!  For tomorrow's post, I'll do just that.  Stay tuned!


Sally T said...

I wasn't expecting orange either, but it makes great sense for our friends on the other side of the planet.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

You are catching up! I bet by the end of April you will be back to doing your blocks each day. Love the plaid pig!

Libby in TN said...

Love your little blocks. I need to do some of those funky trapezoidal half squares for my double star. Analyzing your block, I think I've come up with a plan. Will test it on scrap fabric, tho. Have a safe trip home.

Vic in NH said...

Love that pig! Hope that you enjoy a safe trip home and that you don't forget anything to leave it behind. Like blocks!

audrey said...

You have a lot more patience that I would. Miters, Y-seams, it all just about makes me sweat.:)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

And the winner for my most favourite piggy ever is..... THAT ONE!
Stars, hearts, plaid and all in green - all my favourite things.

Anonymous said...

I like your y-seamed block. And the green pig is too funny, and very cute!

Mary Huey said...

Thanks for sharing this post to the April Y-seam Warrior Link-up! Perfect block for it and I love the green pig!!