Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cookies, guillotined geese, and that other pig

I saw these cookies the other day, and was so enchanted that I promptly copied down the recipe and checked the pantry.
The dough was made last night, but needed to chill for a couple of hours.  By the time it was ready, I was too pooped to scoop, so I didn't start rolling until this morning.
The recipe advised putting the minty kisses in the freezer, but I scoffed at the idea and just used them at room temperature.
Turns out there's a reason for the freezin'.  (Sorry, I just can't stop.  I think the solstice has affected my brain.)

My kisses got a little gooey...
So for the second batch, I froze the kisses.

Much better.
Then I wondered what else I could stuff into these cookies.

It occurs to me that the nutella will stay sticky forever, so that may not be the smartest cookie I ever made.  Tasty, though...

Still can't share most of what I've been sewing lately, but I did put in a little time on Allietare today.
A little sewing to add to the completed clue 4 guillotined geese units.

And a few more sets ready to sew.

And some more bits cut out and ready to sort into sets.

I'd been trying to get at least half of each clue done before the next clue was revealed, but this week is a fail.  Next clue isn't until Saturday, but I don't think I'll be able to squeeze in any more sewing between now and then.
So I'll leave you with this fella, which I don't think I ever showed in the completed state.  This was my dad's birthday present - a cushion for the bench where he sits to change into or out of shoes, boots, and slippers.

Yep, a pig to park one's butt on. 
Who could ask for anything more?


kmkat said...

Have a lovely Christmas!

LA Paylor said...

I like the melty look on the pepermint. This allietaire looks intriguing but would be hard for me to choose fabric for an unknown. #controlfreak


Bente Antonsen said...

Your cookies look tasty and your Allietare is in good progress. Like your fabrics.