Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sassy pig, orange stars, and a teeny tiny turtle

I got the pig squared up, but I can't proceed any further until I can find a cushion form to cover.  I can't get to town to get a cushion cover because my car has a flat tire.

So, once I get my tire attended to, I'll be able to try to chase down a cushion.  So far, I've been doing some investigating on line, and the size I need either doesn't exist, or is sold out, or maybe there might possibly almost be a size that's in the ballpark that I can adapt.  If it's in stock.
I'm discouraged.
So naturally I made a star.  Purely to make me feel better.  Because I got to use some of my new oranges, and how could orange fail to cheer a person up?

This isn't as wonky as it looks.  I took the photo with the block draped over the arm of a sofa, because I didn't want to bend down to the floor to take a picture of one block.  Then I realized that being lazy was making the block look awful and that I really was going to have to go for the flat surface.
I grabbed a couple of the orange RSC stars that I'd made the other day so I wasn't bending over for just one block.


Um.  Try to pretend you don't notice that the new block is considerably bigger than the others.  I'm totally not making 6" orange Ohio star blocks for a new quilt, because I'm not gonna start another quilt. 
If I keep chanting that, it'll be true, right? 
(Not gonna start another quilt.  Not gonna start another quilt.  I think it's working.) (Maybe.)

And in rural life, we had a little visitor on the porch steps this evening.  I think he might have fallen down the steps sometime late in the afternoon, and was unable to climb back up.  I rescued him (after admiring him for a bit - so tiny!) and then released him in the grass.
Then I had one of those 'duh' moments and ran for my camera.
I didn't want to scare him by picking him up again, so I just parted the grass where he'd nestled himself in.

And here's my fingers pushing the grass aside, so you can get an idea about how tiny he really is...

 And look at this tail!

 I left him to his fate at that point.  Good luck, little turtle!


Judy said...

Rrriiiggghhhttt! You just keep telling yourself that!

kmkat said...

Painted or snapper or some other kind? (We only have those two around here, I think.) Long ago I made some really cool wallpaper for my computer desktop by scanning the underside of a painted turtle and tiling the image.

Anyway. your orange blocks made me smile!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Piggy looks quite smug and happy now!

LOVE the little wee turtle. That's one thing I do miss now that we don't live in the country. I have to make do with the occasional garden toad.

Chantal L. said...

Pig, turtle and orange! Orange pig turtle? Turtle orange pig? Yep sounds like a new quilt to me lol. Love your pig block with corns. Really cute. Did NOT notice a star quilt! (uh uhmm!)(But it does look gorgeous.) And if the turtle had been on your step you would had never noticed it. Such a small little life he is! Cute!

LA Paylor said...

Leeeeeetle turtle