Sunday, September 13, 2015

Because oranges are good for my health, right?

Batiks were on sale.  Then things started to get a little fuzzy.  A couple of light background oranges.  Then, oh, that's a pretty orange...
I've got way more orange now, so I'm very happy.
And remember when I joked last time about doing an orange Ohio star quilt?  (And my sweet friend Chantal flat out egged me on?  Well, that idea is now stuck in my head.  Stuck so hard that I can practically see the quilt.  Orange Ohio stars, set on point, with alternating blue blocks.  A pieced border with hourglass blocks, with a darker blue outer border. 
Can you see it now, too?
(Not gonna start another quilt...  Not gonna start another quilt...  Not gonna start another quilt...)
So, in order not to start another quilt, and because my new oranges hadn't arrived yet, I pieced a 6" Ohio star block with not-orange fabric.  No, no reason.  I just like Ohio stars, that's all.  Really.

There's been other sewing going on, too, but it's not time to reveal yet.  But I do like throwing out teasers.

And I finally decided that I'll hand quilt Katie's Star Patch.  My hand quilting is light years better than my machine quilting, and I want to give this quilt my best.

And away we go!

Linking to Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework, because that's where the fun never ends.


kmkat said...

Orange is not my favorite color, either, but I love those oranges you got! Also the blue patterned fabric in the Ohio Star's points.

Judy said...

Yes, I can picture it in my mind's eye and the quilt will be lovely.

Chantal said...

Lol. I laughed so loud, my boys asked what was going on the sewing room. :^D
Sure! Blame the commentator but deep inside you know you didn't need a very hard push to "not gonna start another quilt" lol! (That could be a good name for it too.) Happy to see you got plenty of vitamine C in your fabric. I do have a few of those in my stash too, made especially for that on-line shop. Arrrghh! I can't stand it anymore. Gotta go and play with orange fabric. See ya and thanks again for the laugh. ;^D

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Yes, yes, go on... start another quilt! And Katie's Star Patch does look wonderful... enjoy your hand quilting, it'll look great!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I never knew I liked orange until I started using it more! I can picture your orange Ohio stars with the blue background,too, and I bet it will be beautiful!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ohh... I get a little swoonish when it comes to batiks... I think there's something in the dye that makes you lose your wits adn buy them all

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Orange is a favorite color of mine and I always whole-heartedly support starting another quilt! Enjoy your hand quilting and thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

LA Paylor said...

I think a bit of orange in some form in some amount in every quilt gives it pizazz. Yours are going to be fun in ohio stars. The one you did is pretty jazzy with the stripes. Is that a growler? Wine bottle...LeeAnna

audrey said...

Not gonna start a new quilt until we do.:) lol I love adding orange occasionally. It's a great color!