Monday, November 3, 2008

Why can't we just stay on Daylight Saving Time forever?!?

Madman came to my rescue once again. I had bought a cheap watch last spring for my new job. (There's no point in my buying anything but cheap watches, since I kill them. I kill them dead. It's downright cruel for me to buy a watch at all...) Against all odds, this one was still working.
Now, I'm sure I put the little instruction booklet in A Safe Place. I'm convinced I did. But my idea of a Safe Place seems to turn into some sort of Black Hole. Couldn't find the booklet. I really really looked. (On the plus side, I did find the instruction booklet for my jumpstart power supply, which I didn't even know was lost.)
I needed to set my watch back, but couldn't figure it out. It has four buttons on it. I tried every sequence and combination possible (and there are many permutations...) but had no luck at all.
I decided I now had two choices:
1) Deduct an hour from the time shown on the watch for the next six months.
2) Buy a new cheap watch.
Madman had been watching me fuss and fume, and finally said "Can I try?" He started messing with it, muttering things like "This should do it. Hmmm, nope." and "Maybe if... Nope." and "Oh, this'll work. Hmmm. Nope." At one point he whooped and said "I can reset the seconds! Not useful, but it's the first time it's let me change anything!" He futzed around a bit more, then handed it back to me - "I got it, but don't ask me how."

Maybe when we go back on DST, I'll just buy another watch. It's perfectly sensible to have two watches, right? One for DST and one for regular time.


Anna M said...

I'm such a techno weenie I won't even buy stuff like a watch with buttons. Give me wind ups or I'd fumble forever! TG Daylight Savings is now 6 weeks less than it was. I'd like to see it disappear forever!!!

Joansie said...

Two watches is a fantastic idea! However, I gave up wearing one a long time ago. I reply on my cell phone, time & alarm, when to stop knitting and get back to