Saturday, September 6, 2008


Just got back from Vermont Sheep and Wool - and OMG!
I met bloggers!
Norma! and Jessie! and Sandy! and Etherknitter! (who told me her real first name, but it went right out of my brain as soon as she said Etherknitter...)
They were all so nice, and shook my hand and didn't start edging away from me - which was brave of them since I'd gone into full-tilt Total Babbling Dork mode. With a smile so big it's a wonder the top of my head didn't fall off...
It was like meeting Rock Stars. They're My Heroes!
And did I use my camera? The one that was dangling right off my wrist?
It stayed right in its bag.Doh!
I'll have a larger update of the festival after I get done pounding my head on my desk.



Laurie said...

Haha! Wasn't that a fun day? The lavender goat was pretty weird.

You looked normal. You acted normal. I am SO happy there were no pictures.

Sandy said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Gayle! I am so pleased that you introduced yourself to us! (and yes, you totally acted normal, whatever that may be! haha)
I'll be posting the purple goat too, just so you can tally up the count! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Gayle! It was sooo nice to meet you in person. I'm glad you reminded me of our "history" -- I had totally forgotten that! So glad you came up to us like a babbling dork. KIDDING !!! It was much fun. (And I forgot to link your blog -- I'll remedy that now.)

jessie said...

Hi, Gayle,

I'm way behind on blogs, as usual, including my own, which should have a VT S & W recap as well as an I Love Your Blog list and tons of other stuff. I may have to break it into two posts, in fact.

It was very nice to meet you but alas I did not photograph the sheep, whom I feel would have looked better in a blue or green. :-)