Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ply me to the moon... (sorry, sometimes I just can't help it.)

Okay, this video just changed my life...
Sarah Anderson's Navajo Plying. I don't even remember where I first got the link. I watched it, bookmarked it, and thought "Gotta give that a try next time I'm stuck with Navajo plying."
I've whinged many a time about chain-plying. I always feel like I'm about a hand-and-a-half short of being able to do it.
Tonight was the night. I had singles left over from the 3-ply alpaca I'm spinning. (As I always say, why, oh why, do the bobbins never come out even...) Loaded up the video, watched closely one more time, then gave it a shot.
I mirror-imaged her, since my right hand is my orifice hand. And holy crap! First time ever that I chain-plyed without extensive and vehement cursing! The twist was consistent. The little knobby loops disappeared.
One less thing to whinge about.
Life is good.


pacalaga said...

yay! I'll check it out next time. I tend to do the chains in one pass and add twist in a second (and third?) pass.

Anna M said...

Cool! You'll have to show me how some day. I tend to just save singles up and ply with other stuff eventually to make tidbits.

Norma said...

Love it! And love your title. :)

Angie said...

Thank for the link because that type of plying seemed like a magic trick to me.

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!