Saturday, April 25, 2009

From To-Do to To-Done

Today was glorious! Sunshine, blue skies, light breeze, temp reaching 83. The first really warm day of Spring! You could hear choirs of angels...
And through a series of misadventures, I ended up with the weekend off - probably the first time in a year that Madman and I had the same days off together. (He always has weekends off; I usually have one weekday and one weekend day)
You can imagine the to-do list... What with the garden to get ready, the new chicken yard to be built, and a new surprise project that just hit our radar, well, our cup ranneth over.

Things on the To-Do list that actually got done:
1) I got the asparagus bed weeded. Now when our asparagus starts coming up, it won't be pre-diced by grassroots.
2) Madman got the frame of the hoophouse repaired/rebuilt.
3) Madman and a friend of ours tinkered with the garden tractor and figured out what was wrong with it. (They didn't get it fixed, but at least they know which parts to acquire.)
4) I weeded the bottom tier of my herb garden. The oregano and French tarragon survived the winter, chives and bunching onions are starting to sprout, some of the thyme is coming back. No sign of the sage, yet, but I've given up hope on it before, only to have it surprise me.
5) Madman got more ground ready for the next batch of peas.
6) I made a trip to the local greenhouse looking for broccoli. No luck, but did find onions.
7) I got lettuce seed planted. We'll probably get frost and/or snow a couple of times before Memorial Day, but seed is cheap...
8) I got the grocery shopping done. Including ingredients for:
9) Barbecue!! (I think I must have spent several previous lifetimes as some kind of barbarian. Meat + Fire = Good. Unh.)
9a) I made potato salad. Madman is exceedingly fond of my potato salad. Even if I wasn't exceedingly fond of it myself, I'd make it just to see that Potato-Salad-for-Supper smile.
9b) As long as I was boiling eggs, I boiled some extra for deviled eggs. The next best thing to the Potato-Salad-for-Supper smile is the You-Made-Deviled-Eggs! smile...

Things on the To-Do list that didn't get done:
1) Repot our tomato and pepper seedlings.
2) Cover the hoophouse with plastic.
3) Finish chicken run.

Tomorrow is another day...

Things not on the To-Do list that got done anyway:
1) Acquire sunburn.



Anna M said...

Wow, aren't you the energizer bunny *g* Besides the garage sale I didn't get much done but today is another day and we're going to build more beds. It's windy enough that I think I'll plant tomorrow since we're supposed to get rain on and off and that will make for a nice spongy planting area.

13 days....

pacalaga said...

Chicken run! I love that movie. (Though I'm pretty sure you weren't talking about finishing watching the movie.)
Boy, your list made me tired. I bought tomatoes and peppers at the garden shop yesterday, though, so I will be planting my teensy garden today sometime.