Friday, November 21, 2008


I joined Ravelry months and months ago. (I just went and looked. January 12th! OMG) So far, out of all the brilliant features that are offered, I have used.... none.
Every time I log on, I think THIS time I'm going to actually DO something - use the notebook, start a queue, list a project, post a damn picture.
I start looking at pretty pictures. They lead me to other pretty pictures, and even more pretty pictures. Whatever time I could have spared to accomplish anything gets sucked up by rubber-necking.

Robin Gallimore's gorgeous sock patterns

what everyone else has been doing with the Baby Surprise Jacket

Cat Bordhi's patterns




Ooops. Sorry. Wandered off. While looking for examples, I sort of lost track of what I was doing.
Like I was saying...

I hear they have forums, too.


Anna M said...

Ravelry used to be a huge time suck for me but now I basically use it to read a few forums, look up yarns I'm interested in to see how they knit up and maybe surf patterns once in a while. I finally managed to get my Rav time manageable.

It took a year....

Thalia said...

It still can be a huge time-suck for me, but I love it!

You might enjoy some of the groups/forums, there are several for NE area crafters, for example, there might be some folks you know on there.

And I looooooove looking through my "friends' activity", I get to see some of the most lovely things that either they have made, or have found and saved as a favorite.