Sunday, November 16, 2008

Now with pie!

Madman and I spent the morning sending a trio of chickens to that great freezer in the sky. Well, two went into the freezer. One went into the oven so he could be the honored guest for supper.
But between the chicken plucking and the chicken baking, I took some time out to make this pie.
Oh. My. God. This is the most decadent apple pie ever! This is so good that it's probably illegal in at least a dozen states. I'm not even going to try to take a photo - Pioneer Woman's photos are light-years better than mine could ever be.
Of course, being me, instead of just buying caramel topping, I went ahead and made my own. So now I have two cups of leftover caramel topping in the fridge looking for something to top...
Getting back to the chicken... Last time I baked a chicken, I did the whole number with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy - sort of a mini-Thanksgiving. Since I was going to be making that crazy pie, I decided to do something easier with the chicken. Torn up cherry peppers pushed under the skin, baked on a bed of sliced onions, with more onions and more cherry peppers in the cavity. I ran to the grocery store for the few sundries we needed and hunted down the cherry peppers. Imagine my surprise when the only kind I could find were labeled "Mild".
Mild cherry peppers? What's the point of that???
The chicken came out okay - just lacked that certain "oomph" I was hoping for. It's as bad as those mild "jalapenos" that they make poppers out of. What a disappointment those were the first time I tried them...


Joansie said...

I'm coming to dinner next time. Sounds yummy!

Laurie said...

Now THAT looks yummy. Apple pie, it dinner yet?