Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just shoot me now

Remember how I wished for something ridiculous to happen so I could blog about it?


Today my Madman learned the First Rule of Plumbing.

Turn off the water before you touch anything.

I had no idea he didn't know that. I also had no idea he knew so many cuss-words.
We had one of those I Love Lucy disasters with the hot water faucet in the shower, leaving us with every towel in the house dripping wet, fogged up windows, and a slightly disgruntled cat. (She likes to watch 'Dad' when he's puttering with stuff...)
My contribution, besides throwing towels on the floor to try to staunch the flood, was trying to find the right circuit breaker to shut off the water pump. I had the old breaker marked, but some re-wiring a couple of years back had changed the circuit the pump was on, and in the general hysteria, I forgot that fact. I ended up hitting every breaker in turn, listening for the pump to shut off. Naturally, I hit every breaker but the correct one first...
So besides mopping up the water and soothing the cat, we've had to go all around the house re-setting clocks since they were all blinking "12:00.... 12:00.... 12:00..."


Some days the blog just writes itself...


AnnaMarie said...

On the bright side, now the floor is clean *lol*

I remember when my husband learned plumbing... right before a dinner party. At first he wanted to call a plumber and since it was Sunday my head exploded and I told him to fix it or else! Now he always tries to fix it first. Sometimes good and sometimes not.

Gotta love guys, they always at least are good for a blog post!

Laurie said...

*sigh* is right.

Joansie said...

I hope you are able to smile about it now. I had something similar happen to me a couple of years ago while I had weekend guests. Every towel, blanket, bedspread in the house was sopping wet trying to minimize the "flood" damage. Now I can laugh about it!!!
P.S. That little episode of yours warrants a trip to your LYS.