Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Woohoo! November is almost over!!

I finished a hat for Jean on Thanksgiving Day. It isn't anything fancy, but it's wool and it's warm. I hope it keeps someone's ears from freezing this winter. The color in the pics is way off - it's really a navy blue.

I'm really happy with the star pattern made by the decreases.

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature-Spun - Navy
Needles: Size 5 circular, then size 4 DPNs since I couldn't find any 5's. (I don't know if I don't own any or if I've lost them if I did...)
Pattern: My own.

The pattern was easy -
Cast on 100 stitches. Knit K2P2 ribbing till my brain begged for mercy, then one more inch just to prove I'm not a quitter. (Or about 9", whichever comes first)
Start decreasing: There are 25 K2 ribs. Every 5th one will be a "leg" of the star. (They can be marked, or just keep counting around until pattern is established.) Work ribbing up to 1 stitch short of the "leg", k2tog, k1. Continue around, working a k2tog at each "leg", absorbing a purl stitch from the p2's.
Work a round even, then another decrease round. When the stitch before the K2tog would be a K stitch in the rib pattern, purl it instead. (This keeps the "leg" rib edge crisp and differentiated from the ribs that are getting absorbed.)
Continue working, alternating decrease rounds and even rounds until 10 sts remain. Cut yarn and draw up stitches.

I'll be mailing this to Jean Monday!


Laurie said...

I like the star too!

Jean said...

Thanks so much! I'll keep an eye out for it.