Thursday, November 6, 2008

I might be already kicking myself...

So, after shooting off my big mouth yesterday, here I sit, after a day where by 3pm my brains had turned to pudding and were leaking out my ears and I still had to hang in there till 5pm, trying to come up with a post.

The second thrummed Herringbone mitten is still in progress. It looks remarkably like the first one did at the same age, so not much point in photographing it. (And it's too dark anyway, by now.)
I've got the pinky and ring fingers of the second Selbu glove done, and am 'roaring' up the middle finger, but, again, it looks pretty much like the first one. (Actually, thank goodness for that similarity. See this post, if you haven't been following along at home.)
I finished the male-version of Rogue that I knit for Madman (meant for his birthday. In April. Of 2007. Oops.) but given that a) it's dark and b) he's notoriously camera-shy, I have no pic for that either.

I'm starting to worry that by the 15th of November I'll be reduced to telling about the time my little brother's (clandestine) pet garter snake escaped in the house.
And by the 25th, my post will consist solely of "Um. Ummm...."

Hopefully, something outrageous and/or ridiculous will happen to me between now and November 30th.

What are the odds?


pat said...

Good for you!! I have trouble getting 1 post out a week, so I knew that there was no hope for me....I'll just be a NaBloPoMo reader :-)

Thalia said...

I'm impressed that you are blogging every day - if you are looking for blog fodder, you can always take photos of the landscape, or animals, or whatever strikes your fancy. Some of my favorite blogs do that, and it's nice just seeing a little slice of life for someone else.

Me, I either seem to go off on tangents, or talk about trivialities. Woo! ;)