Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Good News and the Bad News

First, the Good News - The World's Warmest Mittens are done! Done! Done!
I worked out what I did wrong on the thumbs and fixed it. The ends are woven in, and they're ready to present to WGS.
Here's a closeup of the herringbone pattern, wonky handspun alpaca and all:
Pattern: Elliphantom's Herringbone Mittens
Yarn: My handspun alpaca. The fleeces came from WGS's own alpacas.
Needles: size 4 DPN
Modifications: I knit a K1P1 ribbing cuff to help the mittens stay on. And the biggest mod is that I thrummed the pattern to make the mittens extra warm. (Thrums were also alpaca.)

I am so so so happy with how these turned out!

And now for the bad news... Well, first, some more good news - I've got a thumb done on the Selbuvotter gloves! I haven't finished weaving in ends, but happy progress has been made. Here are a couple of photos I took while wearing the glove. I stupidly finished the right one first, so had to take the pictures left-handed. And blind, since I couldn't hold my hand in the light and still see through the viewfinder... I took about 20 pics before I got any I could use. Though I got some fabulous shots of my wrist and my fingertips...

So, flush with this victory, I sat down to work on Thumb 2. I was happily knitting away, chatting occasionally with Madman, who was working on his plans for remodeling the chicken coop.
That little voice in the back of my head (You know the one. It always means trouble...) started going "Psst. Psst..."
I knitted harder.
Crap. I sighed, and looked. And sighed.
When I got up and got the camera, Madman knew something was up. He gave me an inquiring look.
"They got me again!" I said.
"Oh, no! What now?"
"Take a look at the base of the thumbs..."

"Oh no! Does that mean you have to knit another one?"
"Absolutely not. I'm just going to pretend I don't see it."

These gloves are kicking my ass.


Laurie said...

Oh well. I think the alpaca mittens make up for the thumbs of the others. It really does work that way.

Anna M said...

Hey, it's a great way to tell the right glove from the left glove. Seriously. *lolol*

Pat said...

I can just imagine what it's like to put your hands in those Herringbone mittens - mmmm - alpaca thrums too!
and Selbuvotter gloves are gorgeous - different gussets make them special!

Thalia said...

birdsiThe mittens are gorgeous, I love the colors and the fuzziness of the alpaca. They look so warm and cosy! And the mittens are beautiful - I am 100% behind the "pretend it is a design feature" aspect of the two thumbs. It's your mark as a crafter/artist.

Norma said...

Abso-freakin-lutely! This is just another indication between left and right, is all. :D