Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vermont Sheep and Wool, part 2


There, that's better.

So, I went to VS&W with my youngest daughter, and besides BLOGGERS, I briefly got to meet her boyfriend's mother. She seems like my kind of gal (she was leaving the festival with multiple bags of roving and yarn. Yep, my kind of gal....) and I think we're going to get along just dandy. (The kids better watch their step if The Mothers join forces...)
Some of the other highlights:

The Purple Goat:The sign said she had been dyed with foodcoloring in order to highlight the luster of the angora fiber. I was just freaked out by the color.
And I asked my daughter "How many blogs is SHE going to show up on?"

Then there was this:Spinning on a Great Wheel or Walking Wheel.

And winding the yarn onto the bobbin.
I had a nice little chat with the lady doing this demo. When I said "On the whole, I think I prefer to do my spinning sitting down...", she said she actually liked this wheel better - felt that it gave her more control and better yarn.
I think it may be all in what you're used to...

And the big score was a Shetland fleece for $10. The last thing Madman said before I left (after "No sheep, please. And no bunnies.") was "Please try to remember how much fleece and yarn you already have." Which I did. But 10 dollars? Even Madman agreed that I really needed to buy it...
God, I love wool festivals!

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