Sunday, September 23, 2018

Whoosh goes September!

September has completely gotten away from me.  I did manage to get some sewing squeezed in (finally) but bogged down on the energy needed to post about it.  So, here I finally am, with fistfuls of pictures.

One last blue Jacks for this month's RSC.   I'll be doing a quick paw-thru in the other bins to see what blocks I need to make in blue for the last week of the month.   Jacks, Buckeyes, and Centennial stars are all in good shape.  I need to haul out the clucker bucket and see what would look good.  I also need to make my Squared Away blocks for this month (and last month as well.)

Since I have plenty of blue Centennials, I went back and made some purples.  How on earth I'm light on purples, I'll never know.
I fixed that!

There!  Five new Centennials.  Now I need to hit the greens and the pinks to bring those totals up, too. 
Today was a good cutting day:
Centennials -

and lots of loony little logs -

and a few more potato chips (though I was careful not to get too close to that tray of temptation...)

Also finished this week was Sunflower #5 and I started testing for centers.
Purple, maybe?

This Kaffe print is brighter in the photo than it is in person.  (It seems to have lit up the whole block, for that matter.  My camera got all excited.)

And a green that looks better in real life than this photo shows.

I couldn't get a good bead on that green color until I noticed that photographing this Centennial star next to it brought out the true hue.  (Check out the photo above of that purple star - I left in that green corner when I was editing)

It's hard enough to get my camera to show purple properly - now it's going to mess up green, too?  Argh.

And I'm still plugging along on my Demented bits. 

Because what else could I be but Totally Demented?

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Sally Trude said...

And whoosh went your sewing machine. Those sunflowers are still a bit tempting, but happily I refuse to take on difficult or fussy projects.

Cathy said...

I think all your projects are tempting (especially those Centennial Stars), but I have enough trouble keeping up with my own ideas! I’d have to clone myself to keep up with others’ too. And the world doesn’t need that ...

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Looks like you've got all kinds of things ready to go! I love those sunflowers - what a quilt that will be!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Once again, lots happening at yours! And I love the variety! Those 'sunflowers' catch my eye every time, looking so good!

Libby in TN said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday, noticing your absence. Glad you've managed to get some sewing time in. You've got some pretty things lined up and that's half the battle. I am deplorably behind on RSC the last 2 months. Traveling not only trumps time in the studio but I also find it hard to get back into the groove after a trip.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love those purple centennial stars... and those sunflowers? Divine!

Louise said...

Those centennial stars on now on my short list for next year's RSC. Love them! And I share your frustration with getting good photos for the blog. The colors just never seem right.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I Bing a hard time resisting those sunflower blocks. First Cathy and now you. Resistance might just be futile.

All your blocks are lovely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Cathy said...

Fistfuls of photos are always good!
My fav are the Sunflowers. They seem to me to have a 70s vibe.

Chantal said...

Jack is getting very smart, got some dictionary prints on. Cool dude. I hear you when you say you can't find the energy to blog about your sewing. I'm there too lately. All your projects are wonderful. Centennial stars are so pretty in purple. I too use plates to hold the pieces of the next block. Sunflower is so cheerful. I like the purple fabric for the center. It makes some of the blue stripes purplish ... well at least, in the picture it does. Hope you have found a suitable center, by now. If not, happy hunting! ;^)

Ann said...

Loads of projects. You and Julie both use the paper plate system. I'll have to try it sometime.
The colors in my photos are frequently off. Usually just a bit but sometimes a lot - like your green. I think about taking a class to figure out why then decide I'd rather sew. But good that you found a way to get the color back to normal.

Kate said...

Looks like you made a bit of an inroad on the scraps. The Centennial blocks turned out beautifully and so did your Sunflower. Happy stitching this weekend.