Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Purple at last!

Despite the near-constant interference of the universe lately, I finally finally finally got some sewing time in.
I snatched up some purples (purples!) and got right to work.  Well, play, actually.  Calling this work would be downright silly.

One purple Jacks-in-Sixes/Anvil/Hovering-Hawk/Charlie/Whatever block.   I love this purple circley fabric.

And I got another block done for Rags and Tatters (go here for the pattern - scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the page) which I'm calling "Orts" because same thing.
When I made the first block, I approached the center part like this -

Sally T wisely pointed out that what I really had was the unit we'd just learned to make for On Ringo Lake, with the square-2wingtriangles-bigtriangle.   (I've seen the unit called Cat's Cradle.  Much more succinct.)
Here's the block laid out the easy way.

Two four-patches and two cat's cradles is definitely the way to go.

Then just attach those crazy corner triangles and voila!

That picture is a bit brighter than real life, but purples gotta purp.

So, that's two.

And purple was so happy about finally getting some action that some polka dots turned up in Burgoyne #19 -

and there's even some purple in Burgoyne #20 (last of the Burgoynes, I swear this time)  (no, really) which is now in progress.

I'm linking with Linda at kokaquilts for Sew Stitch Snap SHARE.  Come see all the gorgeous projects!


Sally Trude said...

I definitely like your Orts block--especially when you use stripes. And you forgot to mention that you showed the easy way to make the cat's wings or whatever its called square with triangles thingy.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love all your purple blocks, especially the 'Orts' one! It's one colour I don't really have much of. Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

Louise said...

"Purples gotta purp" made me laugh! :)

Cathy said...

Yeah, that Sally is a wise one. Probably gets it from Molly (it’s Cat’s Cradle, after all). If you make any more Burgoyne blocks, I’m going to drag you to Tubac to serve time in the Bates Motel. Now we’d love to see some Burgoynes Surrounded - with binding.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That new purple block is sooo pretty!

Ann said...

The orts are clever and Burgoyne is always a winner. Good for you.

Kaja said...

Well Burgoyne Surrounded is one of my favourite blocks (as long as I don't have to make it), so you can make as many as you like...or you could put the ones you have together into a top. :-)

Cathy said...

Looks like you can see now? Because I see some awesome purpley things.

Angie said...

Yay for purple dots in Burgoynes! Wow - you're up to 20 blocks already?!

audrey said...

The Burgoyne blocks always look so amazing, no wonder you can't stay away from them.:)

Raewyn said...

Visiting from Stitch Sew Snap Share :-) Your Ort blocks look good - great that you have a more straight forward way to put them together. I've never made a Burgoyne block but they do make a beautiful quilt - it looks like yours will be a beauty too.

Kate said...

A very purple and lovely set of blocks!