Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Button, button, who's got the button? Well, I do, for one.

I think I need a new category in my post labels list.  Something like "Projects I'm not really starting no seriously I mean it..."
Because you may have noticed a new button in my sidebar - for the Gwennie-Inspired Medallion Quilt Along.   Not that I'm joining that QAL, of course.  Nope.  Got too many other things going on.
But the starting point is a basket block.  Just a basket.  What harm could come from making just one basket block?  I even had a block pattern traced out for an applique flower basket that I'd found in my 101 Fabulous Small Quilts book.  Serendipity, I say.  Kismet, maybe.
I'd originally planned to make the block with Civil War reproductions, but upon further thought I said to myself, "Fork that, let's have some fun!" and went a bit brighter.

I gotta admit, I like it. 
But then I started second guessing myself.  I really like making pieced baskets, too.  I did a scrappy basket quilt years ago that was a ton of fun - maybe I should have pieced a basket instead of appliqueing it.
So, you guessed it.

And since I can't decide between them for my Gwennie Medallion, it looks like I'm making two...

And then there's a quilt that I SWEAR I'm only making a couple of test blocks for and I'm 100% NOT starting it and I promise to put away the templates I made for the weird shaped pieces and not even THINK about Jen Kingwell's Glitter quilt from her book Quilt Lovely which I've had for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS and bought solely because I wanted to make Glitter and have since found that I want to make every single quilt in the whole book but Glitter first.
//stops and gasps for breath//

See?  I only made two blocks.
I think I'm getting a real handle on this Self Control thing, don't you?

Since Glitter involves y-seams, I'm linking to Mary Huey's Y-Seam Warriors at Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!   Come see the pretty hexagons!


Gretchen Weaver said...

Both of your baskets are lovely and the glitter blocks are wonderful. Good luck with your resolve. Looks like you've started the plunge into several new projects! Have fun! Blessings, Gretchen

Jennie in GA said...

OMG!!!! I love that appliqued basket block. Like, perfect color choices......especially the basket plaid....love the way you set it on its side. Yes, I have that Jen book....and I started a quilt in the Fall, maybe. Where is that start :-/. Good thing we don't live close together.....we could really get in trouble.

Quiltdivajulie said...

You crack me up -- that blog button would be on SO many blogs!

I made my very simple basket but have also gathered any number of other basket ideas and block patterns. I've loved baskets for years so I foresee a multi-style scrappy basket quilt happening in the next year or so. I'm sticking to my one simple basket for the Gwen-inspired QAL, though.

Sally T said...

Please take down this post immediately. It includes links and blocks that are likely to send book-obsessed and weak-minded individuals down a rabbit hole they will not be able to get out of.


Molly Kitten

kmkat said...

Yeah, me too. With knitting.

Mystic Quilter said...

I knew you'd go for the Gwennie Medallion, right after I said you would!!!! I also opted to do this - making a start on basket or baskets tomorrow. This is going to be fun and re the number of projects - join the club! I don't think my basket will be anything near your beautiful appliqué, it's gorgeous.

Sue SA said...

I think it is far better to have no self control when it comes to making quilt blocks then say chocolate or any other non diet food! Fabric does not add weight to your hips, so it must be good for you....beside your using your fabric up! Love your new blocks, I am a fan of baskets...so trying to avoid temptation here also!

Magpie Sue said...

I have an idea. I'll save you from having to make two Gwennie inspired medallion quilts by taking that applique basket off your hands. ;-) I enjoy certain types of hand work but applique is not one of them! I have another idea... I'll email you about it.

Cathy said...

Lovely baskets. I'm a two basket case also. And I have THE button also. I think it will be so fun to see the variety - like the Quilty 365 and RSC.

I might QAL with the Glitter. I bought the book for that one plus the cover quilt. Started on the cover quilt but not Glitter. Someone was making a Glitter quilt one year for RSC and I told myself after I finished that Lozenge quilt I could start on Glitter. I finished Lozenges (aka Suppositories) last year so it's about time.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love your applique basket! It's got a cheerful folk art-y sort of look about it!

Mary Huey said...

You are making me smile!! Thanks for linking up to Y-Seam Warriors today!