Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Still waiting for the green

I stayed home today, partly because I didn't want to deal with the fluffy crap falling out of the sky,

(this was taken yesterday when it started)

and because I was kind of hoping the nice UPS man would show up with the greens I'm auditioning for the borders for Big Twinkle.  No luck there, I'm afraid.
So I'll share what I got accomplished yesterday, anyway.
Three more blocks in the Catching-Up-with-the-365 Challenge.  Yay!

A couple more easy ones, then we head into Ohio Star territory.  Three inch Ohio Stars.  Since I made tons of 4.5" Ohio Stars for last year's RSC quilt, I'm not as worried as I could be.  (Or possibly should be.  Hubris, you know.  A Dangerous Thing, hubris.)
Eh, I'll worry about it tomorrow.

I also got three Whatchacallit Stars done.

(Seriously, does anyone know the name for this block?  I tried a little basic research, but google-imaging 'star quilt blocks' retrieves a mind-boggling array of blocks to look at...)

And I had enough Quilty 365 blocks done to join on another row.

The next row will continue along the bottom from left to right - Feb 9th-18th - then up the right side and back right to left across the top.  I really like how my layout spirals out from the center.  Though it's going to get a little unwieldy 'long about September or October, I think.

And I started a couple of Chantal's Pinwheels.  Here they are in progress.

Pinwheels in progress would be PIPs, right?

Please note:  I did not make a piglet.  We will all ignore the fact that there's one cut out and waiting by the sewing machine.  We will also ignore the fact that I've got fabrics paired up to cut several more.
Oh, wait.  Would Piglets in progress be PIPs, too?


deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Those stars sure are pretty though I've no clue of the true name! :)

Chantal L. said...

So sorry about the UPS guy. The waiting is the worst part. Love the stars in dotty browns. Miss the piglet though. Stay indoor and sew away. Enjoy! ;^)

Remnant Quilter Kimberly said...

I read hubris, procrastination, and denial -- the trifecta of success! LOL. I get such a chuckle out of reading your posts; it's hard to find anyone as cynical as myself. I really need to release more of the self-directed snark within. You're a great teacher!

Vic in NH said...

"Oink! Oink!" whoops, I guess that's not really how you're supposed to hail the UPS guy, is it? Mahvelous progress, my dear!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

All lovely squares.

Despite the fact that its been mostly a non-winter here, we're in a cold snap at the moment too and it's making me want to hibernate... and sew flannel pajamas! Maybe I'll finally clear a path to the sewing machine...
(Also.. I expect at least one pig next post.)

Kristi said...

I always think '54-40 or fight' when I see the 30-60-90 degree triangle units. That particular one typically has 4 patches in the corners and centers, so I'm not sure if dropping the 4 patches creates a new block or is just a variation! I love them set on point!

audrey said...

I'm tired of the snow too. Gorgeous, but a pain to deal with! You're making good progress on a lot of different projects. Hope the UPS guy comes soon!

Linda said...

Lol on PIP! I'm not going to be happy till I find the name of your star. I've googled "8-point star with square on-point center" and various forms of that name and found nothing. I thought I had found it with the Missouri Star till I started comparing, and no, it isn't.
Don't mean to invoke envy, but it was 79 here today, (50 miles north of Houston). I sometimes miss the snow and "real winter" we had when we lived in Oklahoma, but the humidity was low today and it was just wonderful.

Jennie in GA said...

Great stars but no clue about the name. Hope the UPS guy found you!!

LA Paylor said...

your piggies are kissing... heh heh
We're coming up your way today to meet two bloggers at the Kaffe Fasset exhibit in Doylestown. Want to meet us? LeeAnna