Monday, February 1, 2016

Around the bend again

I've been saving pictures of my Quilty 365 'circles' for the February 1st linkup, so that a) I'd have something to actually link up, and b) y'all wouldn't be sick of looking at these here orange peels.  Because I'm certainly not sick of looking at these here orange peels.

I jumped into this project hoping to find out if I could sustain a long-term applique project.  It's been years since I did anything but machine piecing, so I really wasn't sure if I could get enough enjoyment out of the handwork to keep myself focused and going.  But I've been having a bad case of applique-envy, looking at other folk's beautiful work (chief among them Audrey herself), and want to play, too.
One month in, I'm really enjoying sitting in the evening, handstitching while I watch a movie or listen to music.  I think I like it!

Here's a photo I took of progress through January 23rd when I had enough squares done to reach a corner again.

You can see the partial seam at lower left, which is left open so I can add squares to the end of that running strip.

You can also see where I labeled my starting squares - New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
And here we are sewn together and ready to go round the bend again.

I could have sworn I took pictures of adding the squares to the end - squares for the 24th through the 26th - but I can't find any.  Oops.
But here's where Quilty 365 stands today.

The January 27th square is the one in the upper right hand corner, with its partial seam, and the last few days of January ready to link onto this row.
This one, for Jan 30th, cracks me up.  I was digging through a bag of scraps that my sister-in-law had given me when I came across this pink backgrounded loopy floral print that is so NOT ME that I had to immediately cut an orange peel out of it.  I slapped it onto a brown background and loved it to bits.

And then I got home and read that Angela had announced the February RSC color - brown with pink for the accent color.
Maybe I should have run right out to buy a lottery ticket?

Linking to Audrey's Quilty 365 February linky party.  Come see the incredible variety of happy stitching!


deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

These are bright and cheery and pretty as can be :)

Teje said...

Hi! Your project looks beautiful! x Teje

Quilting Babcia said...

Someday I'll need to try orange peel blocks. Your quilt is going to be just lovely!

scraphappy said...

Too funny. The universe must be talking to you. Great progress on those orange peels. Fun variety of fabrics.

Marly said...

Lovely collection of fabrics, all dancing happily together. Have fun with February's orange peels!

audrey said...

Maybe you should have bought 2 tickets! Isn't it funny how some fabrics actually look good when you pair them with the right color! Your peels are fabulous. Can't wait to see a whole quilt of them!

Libby in TN said...

You must be physic! Such apeeling blocks!

Shasta Matova said...

Your blocks are so pretty! And they are fun to make.

Cathy said...

Most aPEELing! Darn, I just looked up at the other comments and see someone beet me to that.
Yes, I'd say you put your SIL's scrap to good use. Looks kind of 70s.

kmkat said...

Oh, those quilts at your link!. (I am not a quilter. I am not a quilter. I am not a quilter.)

Maryse said...

Beautiful work, love that you are doing the orange peel!!

Angie said...

I love the scrappiness of your orange peels!

liniecat said...

Joyful orange peels! They look great fun : )