Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Dew It

When I went out to feed the animals this morning, I saw little white patches scattered here and there in the grass. A closer look revealed spiderwebs covered in dew.

It was early enough that the sun hadn't reached them yet - later on in the morning they were almost invisible.
I ran inside for the camera, of course.
I think there's a spider lurking in the little funnel-shaped hole. Using a blade of grass, I tickled the edge of the web, trying to draw her out. Either I can't imitate a trapped insect very well, or she's too smart to fall for such a shabby trick. I was disappointed that she didn't appear, since I really wanted to see the spinner.
Here's another web, with the toe of a size 8 Muck boot for scale. (It's actually Madman's boot - I wear them for chores. I walk like Sora of Kingdom Hearts in them, but love them just the same.)

And as long as I had the camera...

This is a Riesentraube tomato plant that I raised from seed and transplanted in a Tootsie bucket.
Check out how many flowers there are on one stem:

(The white is more dew. Maybe I should take a picture during a drier part of the day?)

And for the flower lovers, here are some of the false sunflowers that are spreading all over my flowerbed.

I really need to go out and clear some of them out, since they're too tall for the front of the bed and are masking and shading out some of the shorter plantings. But it just goes against the grain to murder flowers...


Cookie said...

Beautiful webs!

Is that coreopsis? If it is, it totally deserves to die. ;^)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Very cool spider webs!

Bullwinkle said...

Cool spider webs - and big!

It always amazes me what they can build in a day ;)

jessie said...

We got up early to move the portable chicken coop one morning, and I found dozens of those funnel webs in the pumpkin patch. I was able to see a leg or two sticking out but no more. I bet most insects aren't fooled by the webs in the dewy morning air, but I suppose they're invisible later in the day, right?

I just read back on a few of your blog posts. TOPDOWN: LOL!

Angie said...

Very cool web! I should get out more. Your Tootsie bucket sounds/looks interesting. Too late for me now but maybe I'll remember next spring. :D Googling....

Laurie said...

Interesting webs. Wonder what breed of spider.