Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alex, I'll take 'Winter' for $100, please.

And the answer is: 'No'

Alex, that would be 'Does Gayle want any more snow?'


'Winter' for $200, please.

Answer: 'Two complete circuits, clockwise'

Ah, that's 'How many times did Gayle brush off her car tonight, since the snow was falling too fast to keep up with?'


'Winter' for $300, please, Alex.

Answer: 'Thunder and lightning'

'What's going on right now at Gayle's house, right on top of the several inches of fresh snow that's just accumulated?'

Absolutely correct! And the rain is such a nice touch.

Alex, let's skip ahead to 'Winter' for $500, please.

Answer: 'Mother's Nature's ass'

Alex, I believe the correct question is 'Where would Gayle like to shove up a snowshovel?'


Anonymous said...


Bullwinkle said...

I love Jeopardy!

Anonymous said...

too funny!

Joansie said...

Lots of snow here also. Was without power for four hours during the night.

Dorothy said...

I guess you could always come move in with us! I think we're the only part of the country that has had decent weather this winter. Lots of rain, but that's normal for us.

Diane said...

Perfect! At least your sense of humor is surviving.

Cookie said...

I love it! And I'm so sorry!


Lanea said...

Send me the snow. Seriously. I want it all.

Laurie said...

AHAHA! We had the same thundersnow. Creepy. Our accumulation wasn't much tho.

I'm still liking the temps. Sorry.

stacey said...

If there's any room up her ass when you're through with her, please send her an hour down the road so I can squeeze mine in.

Angie said...

Funny. I hope you've had a good deal of meltage!