Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still no chart. Though I now have some interesting lumps on my head...

I've gotta take a break from this charting madness. I could just do this so easily with a sheet of graph paper and a felt-tip marker... Why, oh, why isn't it just as simple to do it in a post-able format?
I knew I wasn't going to like the 21st century.

In the meantime, I've been looking at pretty pictures here. Love Drops Designs (Garnstudio) - more fabulous patterns than you can shake a circular at! I started out looking for a pattern for a vest; I've got some lovely yarn that was Christmassed at me and a vest seemed like a good plan.
Then, of course, I got distracted. I found this slipper pattern - and I am seriously in love! I don't actually need another pair of slippers, but I won't let that stop me from making another pair of slippers. It's all about the process, after all.
And while I was peeking around, I found what might be the perfect pattern for my handspun Cotswold.
Cardigan? Check. Simple lines? Check. Classic style? Check. Gauge matches my swatch? Check. Go check it out! (Is it okay to post their photo here? I don't know the rules...)


Joansie said...

The sweater is beautiful. Have fun knitting it. As for the use of graph paper, the book I'm reading states that special knitting graph paper needs to be used because stitches are rectangular and not square. The book provided some of the paper. Am I on the same page (no pun intended) as you?

Anna M said...

I couldn't chart a pattern if you held a dead chicken to my head. I admire you for even trying.

I think that sweater is gorgeous! I'd love to see the yarn you are thinking about using.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Drops cardigan has "me" written all over it. Why are people always trying to convince me not to knit moss stitch when I love it so!? Oh, well, never mind my hands. They don't mind. (and I know your answer will be it doesn't hurt you b/c you knit Continental. Witch.) Hee.

judy said...

I love that cardi. What is the gauge for that pattern?

Laurie said...

Beautiful pattern, and it will translate well into handspun!