Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A little this, a little that

I got a little bit of sewing time in today.  The day always goes better when I get to dig around in my fabric.

There was Allietare happening.

I'm up to fifteen decapitated geese, with three more cut out.  So that leaves 2 more to cut and 5 to sew, and then clue 2 will be done.  Still plugging along on the clue 1 HSTs, but since I'm past the 2/3rds point on those, I'm not sweating it.  If all else fails, those little triangles make dandy leader/enders.
So, for a little change of pace, I went on to the extra credit portion of clue 2 and started cutting black and gray squares.

It was a nice break, not having to cut any angles sharper than 90 degrees...

And there was a little other sewing going on, but since it's in the realm of gift-giving, I'm just going to share a glimpse of scrappy colors coming into play.

I promise I'll share after the holidays.  8)

And the fabric for my setting triangles for my RSC2015 Ohio star quilt finally came!  (I'd waited to order it until Black Friday, hoping there might be a sale.  It was a good call.)  Now I just have to finish a few time-sensitive projects, and then I'll be able to finish the top!  (And think of a name for it.  *sigh*)

Linking with Scraptastic Tuesday, for the December Linky party.  Come see the scraptastic fun!


Donna Lee said...

I like the geese, and the fabrics you have them done in. Anxious to see the finished pattern.

Nicky said...

I'm not brave enough to try a mystery quilt but Bonnie Hunter's always seem to be so beautifully scrappy! Enjoy and thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

Rosa said...

So beautiful geese and love your fabric colors.I`m not playing along.Hope to see your progress.
Have a fun week.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm really liking the red and the greys