Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can you stand one more picture?

Because I finished sewing together all the blocks today...

I tried at least 8 different ways to fit it all into one picture.

Standing on a chair, standing on the floor, camera over my head, camera chin high...  nothing worked.

But the orange makes me smile, and the whole quilt top makes me smile even harder.  Quite frankly, my cheeks are starting to hurt from grinning, and I can't stop saying "Woohoo!"

My stack of four patches grew and grew, as I kept a box of 1.5" squares handy in the desk I use as a sewing table.

I even threw together a couple more square-in-square four patches.

There's no guarantee that that's what I'll end up doing with them, though.  A lovely friend pointed out several other patterns using four patches that might appeal to me, and darned if she wasn't right!

And just for grins - remember this?

There are flippy corners on those star points, so I saved four of the trimmed triangles and sewed them together.  The center isn't as well matched as I'd like to see:

but considering the size...

I don't really think it's that bad.

And now I gotta get back to that happy dance.  And start thinking about piecing the back for Katie's Star Patch, which is the reason I had to finish sewing together Garden Party. 
After all, I only have one Design Floor, so I can only lay out one project at a time. 
Dance dance dance!


Chantal said...

Congrats Gayle. It is magnificent!! I ♥ the orange and it makes me smile too. :D
Dance, dance, dance!!

Missouristar said...

Gorgeous - makes we want to go out shopping for orange. I can't believe all the little snippets you use. Maybe I should start saving mine for you!

audrey said...

Your quilt is wonderful, especially all the orange! I had to smile at the picture taking efforts. It is difficult to get the pictures we want sometimes.:)

Judy said...

Simply beautiful!

By the way, you can increase the number of quilts in design by using a 'design sheet' to lay your quilts out on your 'design floor'. Roll/fold up the sheet between design or sewing sessions. Sure helps the design/fermenting process.

Vic in NH said...

Yahoo! It's magnificent! Of course you should be doing the happy dance.

LA Paylor said...

bowing to the queen or princess or commander of the starters and enders projects! You actually make stuff with them! The mexican tile floor quilt.... awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those bonus triangles and the tiny pinwheels! (And yes, I do like the big quilt too.)