Monday, January 18, 2010

Still making progress.

Though working is really cutting into my knitting time, sadly.
I've finished the sleeves. Yay for finishing the long slog of moss stitch.
Though seriously, I don't mind moss stitch, or its cousin seed stitch. Since I knit Continental, it's no harder to knit moss stitch (or ribbing either, for that matter) than it is to knit garter stitch.
If, at this moment, you're thinking "Oh, no! Continental purl is hard!", then you're obviously new around here, and have missed my previous rants.
If you think Continental purl is hard, then someone taught you wrong. Follow this link for Easy Continental purl, or just click on the Continental purl label over in my sidebar. Someday I'll do a video (if I can figure out how to hold the camera some other way than in my teeth...), but in the meanwhile I've got a short photo essay showing how easy the purl stitch is. (Do not be fooled by the arthritis-inducing contortionist version that will pop up in a Google search. That video is a cruel cruel joke.)
Okay, end rant.
So, the sleeves are done, and I've got one of the fronts underway. I would have liked to do both fronts at once, but at 260 stitches each, my needle just isn't long enough to accommodate that many stitches.
So, I'm back to the engaging cables. This sweater is just flying along.

And a random tip - I had to make two attempts at casting on those 260 stitches. The first time, I ran woefully short of tail in my longtail cast-on. So I started over, grabbing a second ball of yarn, tying a slip knot in the two ends, and using yarn from the second ball as the 'tail.' It means a couple extra ends to weave in, but that's still easier than making multiple runs at 260 stitches.


Joansie said...

Someday I'll have to convert over to Continental.

That's a bummer to cast on that many stitches and run out of tail...but we've all done it!!!plompim

kmkat said...

When I have to cast on a lot of stitches I tie the two ends from the ball of yarn together, cast on, then cut the yarn that comes from the outside of the ball.

Bullwinkle said...

I can't even *count* to 260 stitches, let alone get a proper long tail cast on. /sheesh

Happy Tuesday!

Anna M said...

I tend not to use long tail and knit on my cast on. I don't know why i do this, but it's what I do.